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White Bumps and Spots on Gums: How to Prevent or Treat Them For Good?

Gumboils, or white bumps on gums, normally occur toward lips or cheeks and are triggered by various factors. A plain bump has puss that is responsible for a salty taste production in one’s mouth. The condition is always unpleasant and is far from being aesthetic. Frankly speaking, it’s better to apply some effort to prevent it than to apply much more while treating it. However, we rarely think of consequences before they appear, don’t we?

TOP 6 Causes of White Bumps on Gums

White Bumps

Whenever small white bumps appear, sufferers start thinking of their possible causes and what they could have done wrong. Contraction of various diseases is a usual cause. Let’s have a detailed analysis of possible triggers.

Gum Disease

The condition is the number one cause of white dots. It is a result of a poor dental hygiene (irregular and poor brushing, no flossing). Spots are only the first results, later on the condition develops into bacterial infection that enters the blood and destroys gums and teeth. What are the first symptoms of gum disease? It all starts with pain and swelling, foul breath, sensitive gums and loosening teeth. Timely diagnosis and right medication choice are of great significance.

Effect of Braces

Wearing braces helps gain even teeth and a beautiful smile, yet the process may have its drawbacks too. White dots are in the list of them. Braces stop the correct way of cleaning teeth, thus allowing various bacteria forming and affecting the gums. People with braces should consider additional ways of cleaning teeth and plain brushings aren’t enough.

Mouth Ulcers

When white spots are accompanied by yellow ones, the condition turns into a serious issue called mouth ulcers. Even a single bump can be a sign of it, so it should be treated immediately to prevent the growing number of dots. Normally yellow spots appear in people, who take much acidic food. The sores make it very difficult to chew, so during the treatment process many patients have to eat only soft foods and substitute many products with juices and smoothies.

Canker Sores

A sore is another white bump on gums that is very painful. It is a result of a bad diet, stress, food allergies and sometimes even menstruation. In most cases it is characterized by a white coating.


Various infections are the commonest triggers of this condition. Many of them lead to small bumps colored white. An infection appears after traumas, dental chronic abscess and a decayed tooth.

Chewing Tobacco or Smoking

Many specialists believe that the problem affects teeth of those, who smoke a lot or chew tobacco. Though bumps look like regular for this condition, many of them are cancerous, so the condition should be treated with a professional help only. As a rule, most specialists suggest avoiding anything that can irritate gums. The process of treatment includes the removal of lesions from gums, cheeks and tongue.

Does a White Bump on Gums Tell about Overall Health?

In some cases it does. Some experts do believe that oral health tells much about the overall health of a patient. Though in most cases white spots on gums are triggered by the oral conditions only, this can’t be universal for every patient. There are many body issues that are trying to manifest themselves through the oral cavity.

Patients with a weak immune system (due to stress and illness) are prone to different gum problems and issues. Those with a low iron count in their blood (anemia) have usual problems with the color of gums: their gums don’t actually look white, yet they are very pale.

White Bumps on Gums in Newborn

white Bumps 2

Parents often notice white spots in a newborn while he/she is crying or yawning. White bumps on gums’ causes can be very different. They are present on the roof of the mouth (closer to its center) and are accompanied by dots on gums. The first ones are referred as Epstein’s pearls, the latter ones are fluid-filled cysts. The both types normally disappear during 2-3 weeks.

In rare cases the gum ridge is covered with Bohn’s nodules that are very small and white cysts or bumps. They look like Epstein’s pearls, but they never cover the roof of the mouth. If you don’t want to wait till they leave on their own, you can clean the baby’s mouth in a very easy and safe way:

  • place a baby on the lap with his head near your chest to make it possible to peek down straight into his mouth;
  • take a clean and moist washcloth and wipe it along the lower and upper gums;
  • repeat the procedure twice a day after breakfast and the last feeding.

Treating White Bumps on Gums: Effective Home and Medical Solutions

General tips:

  1. when there are white dots on gums, apply some salt water before going to the doctor. After applying some salt water or rubbing gums with salt, apply clove oil as it will relieve pain. If pain is unbearable, take motrin, ibuprofen or other pain killers. They will eliminate pain, yet still they are ineffective in fighting against infections;
  2. root planning & scaling is helpful in treating the condition. However, in many cases cleaning the canal is not enough;
  3. choose an antibiotic therapy as it works quickly (in two days) and is able to eliminate any sort of infection present on gums and teeth canals;
  4. keep your root areas and teeth clean to prevent possible accumulation of bacteria;
  5. maintain regular dentist visits whenever the problem occurs for the first time.

For those, who know the cause:

  1. papilla inflammation: if the condition is the cause of a white spot on gums, one experiences burning by drinks and food, discomfort while biting, etc. The bump needs time to heal on its own, yet you can speed up the process by taking over-the-counter pain relievers, refusing from eating spicy and hot food;
  2. food irritation: in many cases spots appear not because of some inner disorder, but because of certain foods (spicy, salty, sour). We suggest turning to drinks and foods that are not spicy or too salty and with a temperature that isn’t high;
  3. mucous cysts: when you have mucous cysts, they usually affect the entire oral cavity (gums, lips, floor and roof of the mouth, the inside of cheeks and even the tongue). They are painless, yet always fluid-filled. They may be triggered by damages, mouth piercing, etc. To treat the condition people need a surgery;
  4. canker sore: these bumps are really painful and occur because of lack of vitamins or minerals, stress, weak immune system, hormonal changes, mouth injury, etc. They heal on their own, but you can take topical medications and rinse your mouth with salty water to speed up the process;
  5. yeast infection: thrush is a yeast infection that affects the gums and tongue. The condition is serious and can’t be left untreated. The treatment process may take up to 2-3 weeks and it includes consuming OTC acidophilus capsules and yoghurt, brushing teeth with a diluted 3% hydrogen peroxide, etc. In severe cases doctors prescribe more serious medications;
  6. cold sores: they start as blisters and become very painful with time. The condition is passed from person to person though a kiss, close contacts and shared utensils. Creams and medications speed the healing and assist in reducing the pain.

How to Prevent White Bumps on Gums from Occurring?

Dealing even with very small white bumps on gums is tough, this is why if you are prone to their appearance due to a genetic factor or just because you’ve had a history of this medical condition, you should think over prevention techniques.

Choose the right toothpaste and brush your teeth twice a day. It’ll take up 2-3 minutes in the morning and before going to bed. Regular brushing will surely remove odor, bacteria as well as plaque that always build upon the teeth during the day. To make the procedure more effective, don’t eat after brushing.

Floss your teeth. Even the most professional and widely-recommended brush can’t cope with all food particles in the mount. This is what floss used for. Floss in the night to remove food and bacteria traces. Floss between all teeth to remove the food that is stuck. You’ll need 2-3 minutes for that.

Don’t overdo with snacks. People with healthy gums are those, who minimize the amount of fizzy drinks, sugars and sweets consumed. Such food gets stuck and errors the teeth. The longer its particles remain in your mouth, the more damaged the teeth get.

Use mouthwash. It will surely remove bacteria and plaque from the oral cavity. Make sure you use the mouthwash that contains no alcohol. Use mouthwash after brushing the teeth and don’t rinse your mouth with water after it.

We know that white bumps on gums can become a real problem, yet this issue always has several solutions. Work on treating your problem, if it has already occurred and don’t forget to use preventive measures to stop bumps from re-appearing.