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Weak Erection: Causes, Treatment, Prevention


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Man’s firm erection is surely important for successful sexual intercourse. But what if weak erection is instead? You need to learn its causes to know how to cope with it and prevent its reoccurrence. And though this is a quite common issue for males of different age, it doesn’t mean you are to take it as it is and resign yourself to it.

Causes of Weak Erection


Most males get surprised by the great number of possible causes and triggers. We’ve decided to categorize them all to let you know triggers of what nature are the most frequent and which of them pose risks no matter how old you are.

  • Cardiovascular causes

When a male suffers from any sort of condition that affects the work of blood vessels, sooner or later he will suffer from soft erections. The latter ones have a tendency to transform in an occasional and then permanent erectile dysfunction, which is hard to treat. High levels of cholesterol along with high blood pressure lead to the hardening of arteries and those of the penile area are included into the list. Your health status after stroke or heart attack is influential, too.

  • Psychological causes

Today nearly 20% of males, who suffer from erection issues, deal with psychological disorders and problems as their main triggers. Scientists agree to the idea that fatigue, stress and depression that affect the mental health also interfere with the normal penis functioning. Your weak erection may become a result of anxiety or depression, fear of failure or poor self-image, guilt or low self-esteem. It is a proven fact that relationship issues lead to complications in bed, too.

  • Neurological causes

Nerve-related disorders lead to problems as well. The issues are common to males, who suffer from multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. They occur in males after pelvic or spinal cord injuries, bladder or prostate surgeries.

  • Hormonal causes

Weak or no erection at all is the health issue in males with hormonal problems. When there are endocrine imbalances, complications in one’s sexual life aren’t rare. Testosterone is one of the components of healthy erectile functioning. When testosterone levels are in norm, a male is strong and confident. When they are other elevated or low, first complications take place.

  • Medicines

Do you know that certain medications that you administer regularly can affect your nervous system and lead to weak erection in addition to other health complications? Their list is broad, but the ones that are blamed the most are anti-depressants, antihistamines and tranquilizers.

  • Addictions

If you are addicted to drugs, alcohol or nicotine, get ready to experience first problems pretty soon. Any of these substances have a negative impact on male’s central nervous system and prevent proper communication between the brain and reproductive system.

  • Age

Your age does matter. The older you get, the more frequent erection-related problems become. Males over 40 report first complications that are usually occasional. The hardness of penis during intercourses decreases and it becomes a real issue to worry about. By 60-70 years most males have impotence as a result.

Weak Erection Treatment

The first and foremost recommendation is to address the issue as soon as it appears. Waiting for self-recovery is no use. There are several effective treatment options to go. So, you may find the weak erection remedy that will bring benefits and eliminate troubles.

  • Viagra / Generic Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate)

gen-viViagra is the very first prescription medication that is designed to deal with erection-related problems no matter why and when they were provoked. The drug firstly appeared in 1998 as a remedy for high blood pressure, yet later it proved to be a more successful option for impotence treatment than blood pressure issues.

Viagra’s active ingredient is Sildenafil Citrate. This chemical is viewed as beneficial for males with erections that are weak. Sildenafil is a PDE-5 inhibitor that affects the blood vessels in the penile area and the penis, dilates them and allows a more sufficient flow of blood to enter the penis. After the blood enters the reproductive organ, it gets trapped inside to provide a strong and long lasting erection. The medication works in most cases, yet its effects are possible only during stimulation. No stimulation – no erection – no sex.

Benefits: there are many of them. Viagra blue pills are available on prescription. So, if you have problems, you need to have a professional consultation, get medications prescribed and then buy them from a pharmacy of brick and stone or online. A single dose starts working within 40-60 minutes after Sildenafil administration. It ensures results for 4-5 hours, which is enough for successful intercourse.

Drawbacks: though benefits are obvious, some males refuse from the use of Viagra due to drawbacks that it may cause. Some of them are really severe and require immediate medical help:

  1. Vision-related problems;
  2. Back pain;
  3. Nausea and/or vomiting;
  4. Penis deformation;
  5. Priapism;
  6. Itching;
  7. Dizziness.

However, they occur only when a dose is taken with alcohol or other drugs. When all recommendations are followed, no complications are expected.

  • Cialis / Generic Cialis (Tadalafil)

cialisCialis is another PDE-5 inhibitor for soft erections treatment. It works both for males with erectile dysfunction and benign prostatic hyperplasia. It works pretty much the same as Viagra does: Tadalafil, affects the blood vessel in the penile area, dilates them and lets the blood in. Though Cialis is said to take the second place after Viagra pills, many males report it to be more effective than Sildenafil Citrate.

Today Cialis is widely referred as a weekend pill. Unlike in case with Viagra that provides effects for the next 4-6 hours only, Cialis guarantees erections for the next 36 hours. It starts working within 15 minutes and remains in the body for 28-36 hours. It doesn’t mean you’re going to have steady erections during this time. It just means that whenever the chance for intercourse is, you are always ready and self-confident. This feature makes Tadalafil a usual choice for those males, who choose spontaneity in sex and don’t like to have things planned.

Benefits: in addition to a quick action onset and durable results, Cialis offers another benefit, and its – fewer side effects. Though the action method of Tadalafil in analogical to that of Sildenafil Citrate, Cialis is reported to cause less adverse reactions.

Drawbacks: no serious side effects are noticed, however, muscle pain is perhaps the main drawback after Cialis administration. Older males are said to suffer from it more often than younger ones.

  • Levitra / Generic Levitra (Vardenafil)

levitraLevitra has Vardenafil as the main ingredient to treat cases of weak erections and erectile dysfunction that follows them. This is a prescription medication that also belongs to the class of PDE-5 inhibitors. Studies show that Levitra has more in common with Viagra than Cialis, though the action method remains the same.

Being a PDE-5 inhibitor, Levitra dilates the blood vessels around the reproductive organ, lets the sufficient blood amount inside and traps it for the intercourse. The distinctive feature of this medication is that it works even for males, who have other serious health conditions. While Viagra doesn’t work for males with heart disease, adjusted doses of Levitra may remain safe and effective. Diabetics are prescribed Vardenafil more often than others as this health condition is regarded as one of physiological causes of ED. Its use doesn’t influence sugar levels or interferes with insulin action, yet manages to provide firm erections.

Benefits: Levitra works for males of different age and with various health conditions. Side effects are fewer and are not as persistent as in case of Viagra.

Drawbacks: it works for 4 hours only, so it’s better to have your intercourse planned, otherwise Vardenafil won’t be helpful.

  • Vigrax

vigraxWhen you need to make your erections harder, Vigrax can improve your sexual performance. This medication differs from those listed above. How so? Its ingredients are all natural, so no side effects can be observed. The medication includes leaf extracts and herbs that ensure a sufficient flow of blood to the penile area to make erections hard and lasting. Unlike with synthetic medications, Vigrax doesn’t cause headaches, vision-related issues or any other complications, though the benefits remain the same.

 The pills ensure erections that are bigger and stronger, sexual performance that is long lasting and ejaculations that are never premature.

Vigrax is said to increase the size of the penis by 4 inches in 6 months. The first changes are usually noticed within several weeks. It works both for those with situational and permanent cases of erectile dysfunction. The offered effects are all permanent. If a male succeeds in reaching the desired size and strength, he may stop administering pills and enjoy the results.

Benefits: the drug is all natural, doesn’t cause side effects and health complications, ensures results like those offered by synthetic drugs plus helps increase penis’s size.

Drawbacks: if causes of weak erection are psychological in nature, the medication may appear to be helpless. Besides, males with severe erection issues report its inefficacy.

  • Zytax

zytaxThis male enhancement supplement has appeared on the market not so long ago, yet it has already managed to win popularity. It includes only natural ingredients (L-Arginine, ginseng and tribulus terrestris) that boast the following results:

  1. Stamina enhancement;
  2. Prolonged erection time;
  3. Stronger sexual desire;
  4. More pleasurable orgasms.

And though Zytax can’t cure weak erections in males, it does make the penis hard within several minutes only and for several hours.

Benefits: the medication is very affordable and is all natural. Zytax treats erection problems, poor stamina and low libido. Unlike prescription drugs, it shouldn’t be taken according to a very strict pattern.

Drawbacks: though the remedy is told to improve performance and ensure complete satisfaction from intercourse, it never treats sex disorders that are genetic by nature as well as structural abnormalities or cases of infertility. Its excessive usage elevates levels of testosterone, can trigger the enlargement of prostate gland and some other problems in future.

! Treating the problem of weak erection is not difficult, if you have the right medications. Admitting that you have a problem is much harder. The reality is such that most males never admit they have the problem and tend to blame circumstances or even partners for their failures. Let’s face it, you have the disorder right now. Whether they are mild or serious, they should be addressed and treated before they become permanent and hard to escape. The list of causes and treatments provided above will help you only if you find the strength to admit the disorder.

Can You Prevent Weak Erection?

Though it’s not very easy, it’s always possible, if efforts are applied. To prevent weak erection problems, you need to add some healthy lifestyle habits to your life. The ones that are suggested the most include:

  1. Regular exercising and physical activities;
  2. Healthy diet (more fruit and vegetables in your ration);
  3. Refusal from strong drinks and smoking.

Circulatory health should become your key in the process of prevention. If you have extra weight, exercise more to lose it. In fact exercising is admitted to be a very effective way to improve the flow of blood to different body parts, including the penile area. Get professional help or learn some cardio-based exercises yourself. Aerobics, swimming and running are the most popular ones. As to biking, you need to be very careful with this sort of exercising. Why? The matter’s that biking can damage the nerves of the penile region and become the neurological cause of erection-related issues.

As to dieting, you need to avoid excess sugar products, those high in salt or fatty foods. Say NO to fast food and soda beverages. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits instead is a wise choice, but most males find it too hard. This is why we suggest making the process gradual.

What if you suffer from some chronic conditions that may lead to erections that are weak (for instance, diabetes)?  You will surely have different medications prescribed to treat your chronic illnesses. If you know that diabetes or heart disease can eventually trigger dysfunction, you need to consult your doctor to learn more about prevention measures for your specific case.

And finally, it’s your mental health disorders. They are the hardest to overcome. We suggest combining drug therapies with counseling and a healthy lifestyle. When all three components are combined, neither stress nor anxiety is likely to occur and spoil your sexual life.

Cases of weak erections aren’t rare. Foods, lifestyle, diseases and mood contribute to some occasional complications here and there. It’s within your power to prevent the issues from occurring or treat them, if the condition has affected your life all of a sudden.