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Vaginal Odor After Period: When Do Smelly Discharges Indicate Problems?

Vaginal Odor After Period

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Nearly two weeks after her period is over, a woman experiences discharges of white color. If their odor is neutral, there’s no reason for concern, yet if vaginal odor after period is smelly and it lasts longer than a week or two, a woman should seek medical help to discover the underlying problems. Is there a reason to get worried about in your case? And what measures must be taken before making an appointment?

Why Does the Vaginal Odor After Period Occur?

Vaginal Odor After Period

FYI, there are more than ten various types of so-called post-menstrual discharges. They appear due to various reasons. Some of them are quite normal, while others are the indicators of problems and infections. Check what problem has caused the vaginal smell after period:

White post-period vaginal discharge

There are two kinds of it: smelly and not. When there’s no odor, a woman can have a sigh of relief. This is a normal discharge and normal condition. It may happen because of the lack of body energy after period. If the excretion brings much discomfort, turn to a healthy diet.

When a white-colored discharge becomes smelly, it may be the sign of thrush or yeast infection. The issue occurs when the hormonal changes make natural bacteria weak allowing the infections to grow. Self-treatment in this case is not always effective. The best way out is to see a gynecologist and have certain medications prescribed.

Smelly yellow post-period vaginal discharge

Some women have ill-scented excretions that are yellow or green colored. They are the indicators of contracted gonorrhea. As long as this is a very serious infection, the condition of smelly discharge after period should be treated not to allow the bacteria make way to the fallopian tubes.

Smelly gray post-period vaginal discharge

They also call it a discharge with a fishy smell after period. It is usually grey, yet can also be white in color. Bacterial vaginosis is frequently accompanied with such excretions. If it comes with the burning sensations, it can be a sign of Chlamydia infection. The earlier it is detected, the higher chances for complete cure are. When left neglected Chlamydia infection leads to infertility.

Smelly brown post-period vaginal discharge

When you see brown dots on your panties after period is over, it is the sign of old blood. It becomes smelly due to bad bacteria in it. Most women turn to special soaps and washes to eliminate the odor, yet they hardly succeed. What they should really do is to go to a gynecologist to find the real trigger of the smell. It will allow preventing possible complications.

Smelly greenish post-period vaginal discharge

This is a light green discharge with foul odor after period. In most cases it’s the main characteristic feature of Trichomonas vaginalis – trichomoniasis. Though most gynecologists ensure that this amoebic infection is harmless, the chances that it will move to the fallopian tubes are always high. Besides, the infection brings much discomfort and every woman wants to find a proper cure from it.

More on Fishy Vaginal Odor after Period

It is obvious that smelly discharges cause discomfort and embarrassment. When a woman experiences the issue, she has two ways out: to wait till the odor disappears for good or to start looking for treatment. In most cases the odor vanishes together with discharges, but there’s always percentage of cases with complications, when the condition is left neglected.

Today specialists define two causes of fishy smell after period:

  • irregular personal hygiene: bad bathing habits usually contribute to the condition. Doctors call it the matter of cleanliness, but not biology. When a woman takes bath regularly, uses high quality soaps and other products, the fishy smell doesn’t bother her;
  • sexual activity: this cause hasn’t be proven yet. However, there’s a thought that sexually active women have smelly discharges due to bacteria and infections in the vaginal area.

What’s the frequency of such excretions? Most women report experiencing such discharged several days after period. Others have them once per several months. However, the frequency of appearances grows if the condition isn’t treated properly.

How to Prevent Vaginal Odor after Period?

Let’s start with some preventive measures for those, who haven’t faced the issue yet or don’t want it to come back once treated.

  • to prevent unpleasant odors, trim the public hairs and bathe regularly. As long as vaginal douching may lead to the occurrence of smells, don’t overdo with it. Use hygiene products from non-irritating brands. Change tampons and sanitary pads frequently;
  • if you have any kind of vaginal infection. Never wear tight underwear or tight pants. This will allow vagina breathe easily. Tight clothes is known for irritating the vagina, thus increasing unpleasant odors;
  • pick cotton panties for an every-day use. They prevent the infection spreading;
  • urinate after the intercourse to remove all bacteria that are inside and outside the vaginal canal. If not eliminated, bad bacteria move up to the bladder and lead to the occurrence of infections and microbes that lead to complications.

How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor after Period?

How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor after Period?

There are several known homemade remedies that help to eliminate vaginal odor. They are called purely feminine products that affect the root triggers of the condition, yet still can’t protect from re-occurrence:

  • apple cider vinegar: ACV works restoring the vaginal flora acidic quality. It is also highly effective in fighting against numerous toxins that may cause serious infections. To use ACV, add a cup of it to your water bath and lie down for 20 minutes. This natural agent will help in achieving really quick and exceptional results;
  • white vinegar and salt: combine these two ingredients in proportion 1 to ½ and add to your water bath. Soak in the solution for a quarter of an hour. Repeat the procedure twice a week to restore the vaginal pH and eliminate any odors;
  • yoghurt: eat more natural yoghurt! Most women know little about its real efficacy. Choose an organic and unflavored product that is rich in lactobacillus. The non-sugary dairy product will restore the vaginal pH, help get rid of smelly discharge after period and prevent its reoccurrence;
  • wash with mild soap and warm water: refuse from frequent douching. You can use a hand-help shower attachment to wash the inner folds and labia of the vagina;
  • garlic: few people know that garlic is a very powerful natural antibiotic that kills odors and bacteria. Insert a single clove of it into the vagina for 2 hours. It will help get rid of odor and bacteria for a long time.

We’ve already mentioned about the need to wear cotton panties to prevent any vaginal odor after period. This tip also helps in case the condition is being experienced. Tight fabrics or jeans usually don’t allow the vagina to breathe. If worn regularly, they lead to excessive vaginal sweating. Sweating, in its turn, triggers the build-up of bacteria thus leading to unpleasant odors.

In order to avoid possible spreading of bowel bacteria that can lead to unpleasant odors too, wipe from front to back after bowel movement. If you use pantie-liners and changing pads, make sure you change them frequently. The same refers to underwear.

It is true that scented products and various popular feminine products that promise to freshen the vagina are preferred most of all. However, it is better to refuse from them or any harsh laundry detergent, if you take care of your health.

Treatment of Vaginal Odor after Period with Antibiotics


Women turn to antibiotics and antifungals only in case their smelly discharges are caused by serious vaginal infections. The meds are prescribed by doctors only. Self-treatment can add to issue complications. One of the commonest choices is an anti-fungal vaginal cream that treats the cases of thrush. Whenever discharges or pain are noticed, a woman must discontinue her sexual activities.

So, what causes vaginal odor after periods? As you’ve probably noticed, triggers and underlying causes are versatile. Every woman knows her body better than any doctor. If sudden changes in smell or consistency are noticed, seek immediate medical attention to treat the condition. Sudden changes tell you that something has gone wrong and it’s time to bring it back to norm.

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