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Vagina Smells Like Vinegar and Ammonia: What Can Contribute to Unpleasant Odors?

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Bad odor from vagina appears as a result of improper hygiene or some bacterial infections. There are frequent cases when products that are meant for maintaining good hygiene, change the pH levels and produce the odor. But what if your vagina smells like vinegar? What specific conditions can contribute to the occurrence of an unpleasant smell? And what should be done to eliminate this body odor? Let’s reveal some secrets that will help you a lot.

Why Vagina Smells Like Vinegar: 5 Conditions That Result in Odor

Vagina Smells Like Vinegar and Ammonia

  • Bacterial Vaginosis

The condition is normally accompanied by burning and itching sensations, pain and watery ammonia smelling vaginal discharges. Generally speaking, this is a quite common condition that is faced by millions of women worldwide. Doctors are still not sure as to what exactly triggers the occurrence of BV in females. The health issue may be closely related to the imbalance of bacterial concentration in the vaginal region. When bad bacteria take over and start concentrating in great amounts, BV is triggered and ammonia odor becomes very vivid. BV isn’t one of the conditions that are caught during intercourse, in the swimming pool or public toilet.

  • Sweating

If it’s really excessive sweating, it may be the reason why vagina smells like ammonia. Sweating is a natural phenomenon during which vagina comprises sweat glands. Body waste products get excreted through sweat. The vaginal region has oil glands that produce oil. And the more of it is produced, the more smell is released.

  • Menopause

It is no secret that a female body changes a lot after she enters menopause. The reproductive system produces much progesterone and estrogen. The process is always characterized by mood swings, hot flashes and urinary leakage. Besides, the discharge smells like vinegar and brings additional discomfort.

  • Bleach Solutions

Women tend to rinse their panties in bleach solutions. This habit can be the cause of the occurrence of an ammonia smelling discharge. The genital area has sweat glands that are responsible for sweat production. After combining with the bleach, the sweat forms this unpleasant odor.

  • Diets

The intake of nitrogenous foods contributes to the occurrence of the smell. Many women consider the odor to come from the discharge, yet it comes from the ammonia-smelling urine. What food can contribute to the condition? Normally it’s the nitrogen rich food like asparagus and broccoli, eggs, meat and protein rich foods. Asparagus can also trigger the fishy odor.

  • Pregnancy

Usually vaginal discharge smells like vinegar at different pregnancy stages. The odor appears due to concentrated urine or bacterial vaginosis. BV during pregnancy is regarded as a dangerous condition that leads to various pregnancy complications including:

  1. birth defects;
  2. preterm delivery;
  3. ectopic pregnancy;
  4. low birth weight.

When the amount of water consumed during pregnancy is not enough. The urine becomes concentrated and her vagina smells like ammonia. The growing uterus makes great pressure on the bladder. This condition causes urine seepage.

What to Do if Vagina Smells Like Ammonia? Vagina Smells Ammonia

Today one can find different suggestions as to what can help when discharge or urine smells like vinegar? Some tips are pretty simple, while others are more professional recommendations that become parts of durable treatment courses.

Tip #1: Make proper hygiene your habit

There are several things to avoid: body care products with many chemicals and consumption of caffeine or sugar containing beverages as they add to yeast infections and can irritate the vagina. If you keep asking yourself why does my vagina smell like ammonia or vinegar, you must use a douche to eliminate unpleasant odors for good. The use of the right douche eliminates bacteria and also assists in flushing them out. However, it is suggested to avoid overdoing this: frequent douching washes out both good and bad bacteria, thus vagina can be left unprotected.

And finally, it is of top importance to wash the genital areas before intercourse and after it. It will allow preventing the growth of multiple infections.

Tip #2: Use apple cider vinegar

When you notice that the vaginal discharge smells like vinegar, use apple cider vinegar solution to get rid from the odor. It is commonly known for possessing numerous antiseptic and antibacterial properties that eliminate any bad odor that comes from your vagina. To make a helpful solution you are to:

  • mix two tablespoons of ACV with a glass of water. Drink this solution daily to eliminate the smell;
  • you can also add a cup of ACV into bath water and sit in the solution for a quarter of an hour. Take such baths 2-3 times per week.

Some doctors also suggest using the benefits from white vinegar. Why white vinegar? It regulates the pH level of fluids. When combined with salt, it prevents infection development due to its hypertonic activity. To make a working solution you need to add one cup of salt and one cup of white vinegar to your water bath and soak in it for a quarter of an hour.

Tip #3: Use Yoghurt both internally and externally

Yoghurt is known for being an exceptional probiotic food that helps promote the biological flora growth. This diary product is a great source of lactobacillus that assists in maintaining vagina pH levels. Choose organic yoghurt without any flavors. Consume such yoghurt on a daily basis or dip a tampon in it and insert in the vagina. Leave the tampon inside for the whole night and take out in the morning.

Tip #4: Use tea tree oil

When vagina smells like vinegar, a woman can make use of tea tree oil. The oil possesses antiseptic and antifungal properties that eliminate both infections and the odor. How can you use tea tree oil today? It is enough to mix three or four drops of it in one cup of water and rinse the area with the made solution 3-4 times daily.

An alternative variant is to take a tampon, dip it in the oil and insert the tampon into the vagina. No need to leave it inside for the whole night. Just wait for one hour. The procedure should be repeated 3-4 times a week.

When the odor is caused by BV. If bacterial vaginosis has become the reason why vagina smells like vinegar, a woman should avoid having sex with multiple partners. She should also refuse from vaginal deodorants, smoking, intrauterine devices and perfumed soaps. In most cases this condition disappears and one can avoid taking antibiotics. The odor can be eliminated by wearing a pad. When BV is detected in pregnant women, the treatment will be different. Besides, multiple pregnancy complications can become the reasons for concern.

When the odor is caused by sweating. A good way out is to wear a panty liner. The liner must be changed frequently to ensure that the vagina is dry and clean. Give way to cotton panties and antibacterial soaps. When the sweating is too intensive, doctors prescribe pills to reduce sweating greatly.

When the odor is caused by dietary. A well-balanced and healthy meal will help prevent the condition. One’s ration should include minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins to strengthen the immune system that can fight against any odor-causing bacteria and infections. Vegetarians suffer from this problem more often than others because they eat many leafy and green vegetables that contribute to the smell. If you consume these foods in moderation, no threat will ever appear.

When the odor is caused by menopause. My vagina smells like vinegar’ – this is what most women say during their menopause. Can they avoid that? They surely can, if they consume more water, add different vegetables to their daily ration and maintain proper hygiene. If females follow these tips, the condition goes away on its own.

Some women turn to the course of antibiotics. This option may be pretty effective, yet still antibiotics can kill good bacteria along with bad ones thus making the woman’s reproductive system more vulnerable.

Did you know that stress can contribute to the condition as well? Regular stress stands behind the issue when vaginal discharge smells like vinegar. If a woman turns to some stress reduction techniques, she will be able to assist her body in gaining strengths in fighting all types of infections and eliminating unpleasant odors that make life unbearable and embarrassing.