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Urine Smells Like Sulfur: Possible Causes and Their Treatment

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Far not everyone knows that urine reveals very important information about the waste elimination process of the body. It gives hints on whether you are completely healthy or there are any minor/serious health issues and disorders to pay special attention to. When urine smells like sulfur, there is usually no reason for concern, or is there?
The kidneys filter excess water and wastes out of the blood helping to get rid of toxins and other things that can start building up in the body and make a person ill. When there’s a sulfur-like smell, don’t ignore it. Try to recollect the time when the first changes appeared: what did you do then? What activities were you engaged into? What did you eat? These and many other things can help understand what the changes are related to and whether they’re dangerous or not.

What Causes Urine to Smell Like Sulfur?

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  • Diet

There are certain foods that add to such unusual smell of your urine. Asparagus is the main one. The stench always results from a sulfur compound – methyl mercaptan. This compound is also present in skunk secretions and garlic. The sulfur containing acids in asparagus start breaking down while the meal is digested. They create an odor when urine is excreted. Far not everyone has the odor. Only a half of population is able to break down these acids into really small components. Some researchers are sure that asparagus is digested the same way by all people, but according to the latest statistics only 50% of people smell asparagus pee only because they have the required gene.

Generally speaking, this unusual smell is not the reason to start worrying about: scientists have already proven that this syndrome has no pathological significance. Whenever you cut down on asparagus consumption, the smell will go as well.

  • Diabetes

This serious health condition may be another reason of sulphur smell in urine. If the condition hasn’t been diagnosed yet, the levels of blood sugar become really high and create ketones that are responsible for creating a sulfur-similar scent in urine or sweat.

  • UTI

Urinary tract infections may be responsible for this smell as well. The odor appears due to the presence of fungi, parasites or bacteria. The urinary tract in your body is compiled by kidneys, bladder and urethra. The infections that are present in one of the mentioned body organs have various symptoms. A sulfur smell occurs in women rather than men. But aside of the smell, there also appear other symptoms like:

  1. burning while urinating;
  2. unusual discharges;
  3. itching;
  4. feeling or urgency all the time.

Whenever the symptoms occur, you should have a professional consultation to avoid infection spreading.

  • Bladder infection

A bladder infection may spread to the kidneys at a fast speed. If you want to avoid any possible complications, check your condition when the sulfur smell appears. Normally, leukocytes (white blood cells) help in indicating the infections. See your doctor immediately, if you don’t want to make the condition worse.

  • Liver problems

Urine smells like sulfur in case of liver problems, too. Your liver is responsible for the waste process and its elimination. When the liver function is poor, the urine changes its appearance and smell as well. When a specific smell appears, it becomes a sign of a very serious health condition that requires medical assistance.

  • Cystitis

It is a common issue for women. It may be caused by bacterial infection. The very first signs of the problem are the need to urinate overnight, sulfur smelling pee and grievously urination.

  • Dehydration

There may be a quite simple explanation when my urine smells like sulfur – dehydration. To change that you must consume more water daily. Add cranberry juice to your ration too. It is regarded as a natural and 100% healthy urinary antiseptic.

Urine Smells Like Sulfur: What Symptoms Go Along?

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Smelly urine is already a symptom itself. It can stand behind very serious health issues, including the ones that were mentioned above. However, when the case is very severe, it is also characterized by the presence of:

  1. high grade fever;
  2. pelvic discomfort while urinating;
  3. chills;
  4. queasiness.

When the smell occurs because of the bacterial infection, females also notice unusual vaginal discharges, difficulties during sexual intercourse and itchiness in the vaginal region. When the smell becomes very strong there also appear:

  • urine color changes;
  • groin ache;
  • back ache;
  • vomiting;
  • frequent urination.

Whatever the symptoms are, please address a specialist to prevent infection spreading and further complications that can hardly be treated.

Treatment Options When Urine Smells Like Sulfur

Why does my urine smell like sulfur and what should I do about it? We have learned the answer to the 1st part of the question. It’s high time to know the cure. There are both some professional tips and homemade remedies that can be helpful, when timely used.

Homemade remedies and tips:

  • start with the increase of your daily water intake. Other fluids like juices and other beverages are in the list. This is a fast and effective way to allow the urine being more diluted. This helps only if the condition wasn’t cause by any serious disease or infection. If it was, you should better address your doctor immediately, because water consumption won’t be helpful;
  • drink more cranberry juice. This fluid must be viewed separately as it helps in dehydration level reduction and UTI elimination;
  • avoid foods high in B vitamins (garlic, asparagus and onion) as they add to the unpleasant odor;
  • maintain proper hygiene at the sexual region: this is a very essential tip for people, who had the condition or are prone to it;
  • use baking soda and water for the first stages of UTI. Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda with 4 liters if warm water. Sip the water throughout the day to eliminate the first signs of infection. Why baking soda? It increases the acidic levels of urine;
  • eat more honey and salt-free yoghurts. This is one of top effective treatments these days.

Professional treatment:

When urine smells like sulfur and no home remedy is effective, a doctor suggests having two kinds of laboratory tests on urine. When the sample is taken, it is sent to the lab. These two tests are Urinalysis and Urine Culture. The first one is a chemical analysis held under laboratory settings. It is normally enough to define the anomalous urine elements. The second one is done to determine whether the smells appeared due to bacteria. Both tests are helpful in defining UTIs.

What about antibiotics? Most doctors agree that antibiotics must be the last choice made. Why? There are several reasons that explain this idea. Antibiotics:

  • have severe side effects and can lead allergic reactions with numerous complications that are really hard to treat;
  • are highly overused in humans. The careless use has created antibiotic-resistant conditions like tuberculoses and MRSA;
  • kill both bad and good bacteria. When fighting against fungal and years infections, they destroy the healthy surrounding as well;
  • prevent the development of the body natural defense and affect the immune system.

What about some preventive measures? Home remedies usually help to prevent the development of severe health conditions and the sulfur smell as a result. Some useful tips are to:

  1. take showers instead of baths;
  2. urinate when needed;
  3. drink much water;
  4. cleanse the genital area before intercourse;
  5. avoid feminine hygiene sprays that irritate urethra;
  6. wipe from front to back;
  7. use unscented and white toilet paper.

Unfortunately, despite all preventive measures, infections do develop. Whenever a complication is observed, urine smells like sulfur and there’s discomfort, see a physician to avoid infection spreading to kidneys and causing serious complications.