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Stretch Marks on Back and Butt: Typical or Reasons for Your Concern?

Stretch Marks on Back

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Having a perfect body is a result of dieting, hard work and too many compromises. However, even those, who seem to follow all rules and restrictions, notice back stretch marks and those on the butt at certain life periods. If you have noticed them too, you are definitely not alone. Pregnancy, excess weight and its rapid loss are the usual reasons for their occurrence. At first small stripes show up as purplish and reddish lines. They are of different textures and can turn lighter or even vanish over time. Yet it doesn’t mean that any of you should forget about stretch marks on back or butt for good. There are easy treatments available at home or chemistry. So, whenever, you are ready to fight against nasty lines, we have tips for you to follow.


Stretch Marks on Back

Typically these are bands of parallel lines on one’s skin. Their texture and colors differ from that of your skin, so they are always noticeable. Indentation or slight ridges are the first feelings that a person has after touching the stripes. And while the described sensations are pretty normal, itchy and sore marks are abnormalities and should be examined by a professional.

Frankly speaking, the streaks and stripes appear on different parts of the body. The commonest condition is having stretch marks on butt or back, but they also occur on upper arms, breasts and thighs.


As we’ve mentioned, lines and stripes can appear all over the body, in different areas and zones, during various life periods, conditions, etc. Having stretch marks on lower back is common too. If you know their causes and why exactly you are prone to their occurrence, the process of their elimination can be a quite easy one.

WHY I have lines on my back?

When skin is stretched too much, there are risks of having marks. So, a rapid weight gain or its loss is one of the usual reasons. During stretching dermis’ elastic fibers as well as skin’s middle layer tear or break down leading to purplish and reddish lines. Many people get really surprised after finding out that stress can lead to the issue as well. How is that? Our body releases hormones in response to stress. When an excessive amount of cortisone is being released, it starts weakening skin’s elastic fibers and develops streaks. These are the two commonest WHYs, as to the list of others these may be:

  • puberty period: when a young adult female or male is getting wider and taller, his/her body is not able to adjust to all changes as quickly. During this time the fibers of one’s dermis and skin’s middle layer are getting more and more overstretched. They become thinner and break. This is why marks are to be expected during this period;
  • glucocorticoid hormone: this hormone is responsible for triggering back stripes and stretches more often than other hormones. It is released by adrenal glands. With obesity and during puberty the levels of glucocorticoid are getting higher. Thus, collagen and elastin production is getting prevented and the number of stretch marks on back is growing. The tissue is more prone to tear as well;
  • Marfan syndrome: it is known for being a genetic disorder that leads to stretching. The syndrome affects the body’s connective tissues turning them from healthy and strong to really defective ones. As a result the skin fails in supporting the body. Normally, this condition can affect the human body regardless of age.

WHO is more prone to marks?

Though anyone can have these lines, there are groups of people, who are prone to the condition more than others:

  • those, who are significantly overweight;
  • females;
  • on corticosteroid drugs;
  • with a family history of marks;
  • those with adrenal glands disorders;
  • those with genetic disorders;
  • people, who experience really much stress.

HOW to prevent back marks?

Preventing is difficult, if not impossible. Specialists usually name the main rule and it’s maintaining a healthy body weight. If you are really overweight, want to lose pounds and avoid reddish stripes, talk to your physician and a dietician. They will provide advice and assistance.


Stretch Marks on Back and Butt

Stretch marks on butt are another problem worth being discussed. They may be less noticeable than those on back, but if you are a beach lover, wearing a revealing bathing suit may become a huge problem.

WHY I have lines on my butt?

Many women keep asking the same question, ‘Why do I have stretch marks on my butt?’ They usually occur because of several conditions:

  • when the skin is stretched due to a rapid growth;
  • pregnancy weight gain;
  • obesity;
  • weight or muscle gain;
  • topical steroid ointments;
  • high doses of oral corticosteroids.

Since high school we all know that the skin’s texture is very elastic, collagen works holding it together, yet it can be damaged due to drugs and overstretching. The lines and marks that appear in result are real scars that are tough to treat.

WHO is more prone to marks?

It’s normally a problem of females after pregnancy and sportsmen, who lose and gain muscle weight with the assistance of steroids. The first signs are bright streaks that turn into grayish and pink in time. There may be just a single line or several parallel stripes across the buttocks.

HOW to prevent butt marks?

Their appearance can be prevented in case a person keeps to a healthy lifestyle and keeps fit within the frames of his/her usual body weight without gaining or losing too much. If you have already developed them, you won’t get rid of stretch marks on butt after weight loss.


Stretch Marks on Butt

It’s not that easy! The process always takes time, and the treatment course duration usually depends on the line’s size, color and intensity of the appearance. Let’s see what options are popular and effective these days?

  • Maintain your weight

If you want to avoid occurrence of reddish lines, try to maintain your weight. Address a dietician and a physician to define your perfect weight, decide on nutrition or dieting and stick to professional recommendations. When the body isn’t subjected to loosening or stretching, the skin is always kept taut. In rare cases losing weight a person helps the skin to get back to its original condition, and the smallest stretch marks become well-hidden.

  • Make healthy eating your rule

What’s healthy eating? It’s the consumption of foods rich in vitamins A, C and E as they are your helpers in keeping skin elastic and healthy. Decide on a well-balanced diet that prevents gaining weight and prevents skin from a sudden stretch-out.

Don’t forget to drink much water? This plain and available liquid will moisturize the skin and add to its elasticity.

  • Exfoliation

This is one of popular ways how to get rid of stretch marks on butt or back. Exfoliation removes the dead skin and assists is lessening lines’ appearance. The procedure WILL remove the dead skin, yet WILL NOT remove the stretch marks. The latter ones will become less obvious, yet won’t disappear for good.

What do we suggest for exfoliation? The procedure should better be performed once per week with the help of special products based on all-natural ingredients. The lotions or creams used shouldn’t make the skin dry. To avoid dryness exfoliate while taking a warm bath.

  • Lotions, Moisturizers, Creams

We use them for face and hands in the morning and before going to bed forgetting that skin on other body parts as well as stretches need them too. Apply lotions to your lower back and buttocks. These should be special lotions made for reddish lines. If you apply before going to sleep, you are less likely to rub the lotion off. Even if you are rolling in bed all the time, that’s much less activity than during the day time.

What lotions? Try those with cocoa butter. They are viewed as the most effective remedies in getting rid of stretches. Another option is buying professional anti-stretch products with rose lip oil, jojoba oil, castor oil or shea butter in them.

What moisturizers? Pick products with vitamins A and E. When combined in one moisturizer, they regenerate the skin and make it healthier.

What creams? Pay attention to tretinoin cream. It works for recent lines better than for old ones. The cream assists the skin in rebuilding collagen making the stretch marks on butt and back look like your normal skin. Note that breastfeeding and pregnant women should better not use it OR they should consult their doctors for more information and details.

  • Laser

Turning to laser therapy is one of popular choices. There are different types of lasers that can be used for your skin. The choice depends on the lines. The therapy itself includes a number of procedures that not only rebuild collagen, yet also stimulate melanin production and increase elastin amount. The effect also depends on lines’ location, their color, patient’s skin and marks’ age.

  • Micro dermabrasion

A durable treatment process usually involves skin abrading by means of really tiny crystals. They help in elimination different kinds of skin imperfections, including marks. Even a single procedure starts stimulating the growth on newer and healthier skin. One of procedure’s benefits is removing really old lines.

As you see, treatment options are different. There’s a chance to combine them all or some of them in one to make any marks disappear faster and for good. However, don’t count on 100% results in a week or two. Make plans beforehand. Take care of stripes at least 2-3 months before hitting the beach, if you want your skin to look better and more perfect. Be patient as patience and efforts always bring results.