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Quickest Way to Build Muscle

Build Muscle Fast

Tired of looking at your reflection in the mirror? Feel ready for a fundamental transformation? That is more than real and fast to achieve if you choose bodybuilding – the most common way of dealing with out-of-shape problem. Not sure if you will be able to engage into it? You will, as we’ll help you.

Where to Get Started

Quickest Way to Build Muscle

Bodybuilding is certainly a tough activity but not backbreaking if organized properly. Motivation, time management and consistency are required to achieve a jaw-dropping result in general, and do that fast in particular. Set your objective, bring into balance three basic components that make up each effective bodybuilding program, and that will be enough for a good start. Read further to find out more about the best way to build muscle fast.

Training, nutrition and supplementation are three core elements equally important for achieving a desired effect – gaining lean mass within the shortest time frame. You can become an excellent example of complete, awe-inspiring transformation if you develop your bodybuilding plan paying equal attention to each component both separately and in combination with each other. Basically, these are intertwined and will complement each other, provided you properly apply the knowledge about all the three.

So, let’s talk about training, nutrition and supplementation in detail.

Training Regime: Learn the Basics

Training Regime

Training is the basis of bodybuilding, and as such it is to be regular. If you want to flex your awesome muscles in 2-3 months, put random workouts aside. There are tens if not hundreds of various training programs on how to gain, make and grow your lean mass. Whatever program you may decide on, following regular regime is the essence. All the rest is formed around.

Let us state this ”rest” as recommendations that would be useful for any training plan and any exercise within that:

  1. Do each and every exercise right. Neither the heaviest weight possible nor nearly infinite number of sets and reps done will be able to do their lean mass bringing job well if the targeted muscle groups are worked out improperly. So, not just look at ”how to do” but learn.
  2. Stick to the best muscle groups pairing/splitting. There are muscle groups (e.g. chest-triceps or back-biceps) that can bring a faster, marked result when being worked out together. Alternate these devoting some particular day to each pair and see how your body responds.
  3. Never train more than one hour. Training hard for more than 60 minutes actually causes unhealthy changes to your hormonal balance. This is the fact proven by numerous studies. So, 60 minutes of advanced activity is healthy and effective enough.
  4. Focus on the intensity of each exercise made. You must work out harder and never longer. So, instead of dragging your training on, make it adequately intensive. Make your body feel a little uncomfortable so that it could adapt to changes and let you grow your lean mass faster.
  5. Make sure that you are progressing. Generally, things work pretty well for some time only. Eventually, any progress stops and more sets and heavier weights won’t help. To avoid plateau change your rep range every month. Be sure new useful stress will involve stronger muscles.

On the whole, always listen to your body. Although there are all kinds of seemingly universal recommendations, not every can work in each individual case. So be active seven days a week but not necessarily in the gym lifting incredible weights. Sixty minutes of even moderate activity on your day-off will contribute to both overall keeping fit and fast mass gain. Remember, you won’t be able to build muscles in the gym only, because this is the place where you only initiate the entire process.

Healthy Nutrition: Make It a Habit

Healthy Nutrition: Make It a Habit

For some reason, healthy nutrition is often somewhat overlooked and underrated. Still and all, for overall muscle-building equation this area is not less important than the previous one. Remember? In the gym you only initiate the entire bodybuilding process. Nutrition and rest speed up the process. Soon you’ll get accustomed to counting macros, and healthy nutrition will become your habit, not always tasty and often pricey, but a habit.

In this overall “how to gain muscle fast” matter healthy nutrition is the second usually mentioned aspect. So, let’s get deeper into its basis – macro-nutrients (known as macros):

  • Carbohydrates. These are pure energy for your muscles and all bodily functions. Regulating protein and fat metabolism, carbohydrates participate in foods digestion and assimilation and help your liver break fats down. The major benefit carbohydrates bring to your muscle tissue is production of structural components that facilitate its growth and repair. Major muscle building carbs include raw oatmeal, potatoes, rice, pasta, fruit and bagels.
  • Proteins. In foods these are basic components. In your body – building blocks of many enzymes, antibodies and hormones. They transport nutrients and oxygen throughout your body and remove waste from it. The major benefit proteins bring to your muscle tissue is their participation in structuring the tissue and ensuring its contracting capability. You can obtain proteins from cottage cheese, tofu, eggs, milk, steak, yellowfin tuna, nuts, etc.
  • Fatty acids (referred to as fats). These produce and build new cells, supply your body with energy, transmit nerve impulses and are critical to proper functioning of your brain. The major benefit fatty acids bring to your muscle tissue is their direct participation in hormone development, which in its turn is crucial for building your muscles. Best fatty (in a good way) foods include avocado, pickled herring, almond flour, coconut butter and Roquefort.

Carbohydrates and proteins contain 4 calories/gram, while fats – 9. For you as a beginner aimed at fast mass gaining, 50% of carbohydrates, 30% of proteins and 20% (or not lower than 15%) of fats per day will be sufficient. Depending on how your body responds to such a diet and your body type (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph) you’ll make all the necessary changes. The last universal tips are the following: you should take 1-1.5 grams of protein/pound and don’t forget about individualized total calorie intake.

Healthy Supplementation in Bodybuilding

It doesn’t matter how hard you work out and how much food you consume, you won’t be able to gain lean mass fast without healthy supplementation. Remember, however, that supplements are only one of the components and not substitutes for any other aspect within your effective bodybuilding plan. In other words, supplementation should be used (and actually will be pretty helpful) if/when you work out hard and have adequate nutrition.

Back to supplementation, whey protein is the first product usually recommended to all novices. In mass growing, protein weight gainers (protein shakes) can be effective between-the-meals options. Thus, you can consume e.g. three real food meals per day and add those with three gainer shakes. Likewise, you can make your own shakes mixing protein powder with e.g. fruits and try out recommended and your own whey protein-based recipes.

Branched-chain amino acids (leucine-isoleucine-valine) being the supplements essential for muscle growth and energy stimulation are usually the next products to pay attention to. However, for those to be 100% effective you should know that the proved ratio able to produce the best muscle growth and fat loss result is 2:1:1 of leucine, isoleucine and valine respectively. Besides, added to post-workout protein and carbs, these increase muscle protein synthesis significantly.

Creatine is usually the last mentioned, but not the least important. Firstly, combined with that contained in your body it triggers the natural mechanism of muscular contraction when you push yourself hard. Secondly, drawing water into your cells it contributes to cell volumization. Finally, it helps with stress adaptation and repair, where actual muscle growth occurs.
Of course, that’s not everything, and much more will be found out with time.

But now you know:

  • How to work out to reach your objective and not to get burned out;
  • What a balanced approach to nutrition and supplementation represents;
  • What the fastest way to build muscle is.