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Pimples on Earlobe: Dealing with the Main Causes

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Once in a while we all have little bumps on ears that cause pain and much discomfort. They are called pimples on earlobe that can grow in size and change color. With time the pain can become really persistent, which means that a small bump turns into a serious medical condition to be treated immediately. Have you already faced the problem like that? Then you will need our professional support. We’d like to share the basic ideas on the triggers of the health issue and possible curing options – everything you need to relieve pain and eliminate bumps.

Pimple on Earlobe Causes


There are several of them. When a person already had the history of bumps, it’s the different cause every time. As long as in most cases the therapy choice depends on a trigger, being aware of the provokers and the consequences that they may provoke is a must.

  • #1 – Poor hygiene

This is the most common cause of tiny pumps on ears. A person needs to clean ears at least 2-3 times daily. Simple hygiene rules will allow preventing the occurrence of any pimples and discomfort they bring with. Yet the issue is that most people are too lazy to clean ears once a day at least, not speaking of doing that more times.

  • #2 – Scratching

Do you have a practice of scratching ears using a ballpoint and/or a toothpick, a pin and/or a nail, or even a pen and pencil? It will be the trigger of the occurrence of more than just a single pimple on earlobe.

  • #3 – Ostitis externa

It’s a sort of taint of the ear canal. In number of events it triggers a gradual swelling that is inside the ear. This sort of swelling turns into a lump and/or bump.

  • #4 – Non-cancerous neoformations and extoses

They are viewed as additional growths that may appear inside the ear. In most people they are the triggers of very small bumps on ears.

  • #5 – Cancer

If cancer starts developing in the cells of earwax, it provokes the occurrence of bumps, too. Another very common symptom or sign is the appearance on the external ear. Besides, there exist additional kinds of formations that occur in the external auditory meatus. Anyway, whenever something is suspected or you’ve got the history of the health issue in your family, see a healthcare provider as soon as you can.

Some other possible triggers of an earlobe pimple are various cosmetics or beach sand, poor hair hygiene or even a low quality woolen/hair hat.

More Serious Causes of Pimples on the Earlobe

In case a person has problems not only in the earlobe but rather behind it, the triggers can be quite the opposite. There are the commonest causes that you should know:

  • Sebaceous Cysts

These are also called swellings that appear under the skin. Normally, they are non-cancerous, yet still can also occur on the neck and/or head. The bumps occur near the sebaceous glands, which produce the oil that dubs the skin. Most pimples are not accompanied with pain at all, while others can make a person become more irritated and feel rather uncomfortable.

  • Abscess

The development of an abscess starts because of the cells and/or tissue in the body that got infected. When the body tries to kill various infections or bacteria, it usually sends special white cells to cope with the entire job. These white cells tend to accumulate in the damaged area, so the pimples on earlobe develop. They are thick and fluid-like formations that can develop from bacteria, dead tissue or maybe dead white cells. Such growths are always painful. Some of them are warm when touched.

  • Mastoiditis

When and why does Mastoiditis occur? It appears when a patient has an ear infection, but leaves it untreated. This leads to the development of a severer condition – Mastoiditis. In this case the infection starts its route from the bone evagination that is behind the ear. Soon it leads to the occurrence and development of cysts filled with pus. These are knots and lumps on and behind the earlobes.

  • Acne Vulgaris

For many of us this skin health issues is very common and takes place when the hair follicles get locked with sebum. They may also be filled with dead skin cells. The condition may trigger the progress of bumps or various pimples. There are cases when these formations grow really large.

  • Otitis Media

It’s just another infection type responsible for the formation and development of swelling and a painful fluid build-up on the earlobe. Whether it is viral or infectious, the ear can start swelling, so professional help is required.

Aside from serious chronic illnesses, the issue of a pimple in earlobe can be provoked by:

  1. Wrong nutrition that makes the body systems strike to show they have problems via pimples;
  2. Stress that occurs at home or due to work;
  3. Hormonal disorders that appear during pregnancy;
  4. Hormonal problems during puberty;
  5. Allergic reactions to various vitamin complexes, medications and cosmetics.

But how do these pimples start growing and when it’s time to have a professional consultation before the first signs turn into serious health complications?

Appearance and Growth of Pimples on Earlobe

Unfortunately, in most cases the condition is not felt immediately. You know that something’s going wrong only after you touch your earlobe, when combing your hair or maybe washing your ears. The pimples hurt. The skin that is around the affected area is too sensitive. In case you have a cold-related condition (due to summer drafts rather than winter frosts), the skin around this area will gain its light red color, so that the issue can be noticed faster.

The health status is more common to younger people than older ones. It is mostly caused by a rise of hormones that trigger the excess of white blood cells along with sebum. They have the bumps both on ears or face, which is why specially designed cosmetics must be used.

How to Treat Pimples on Earlobe?


When the first signs & symptoms appear, see your dermatologist to learn the cause and possible treatment options. There are different effective ways to get rid of them, yet the choice must be made by a healthcare professional only. Self-treatment rarely brings any positive results.

  • Antibiotics (Oral & Topical) + Injections (view offers)

They are just a perfect choice, if the health issue of a pimple on earlobe was triggered by an infection. Treatment with antibiotics is viewed as the most effective and fast. It works even for quite small bumps, swellings or acne pimples.

After a timely diagnosis a doctor will be able to prescribe the correct medications to eliminate the discomfort and the growth on the earlobe. In some cases corticosteroid ear drops are used, too. Yet they mostly reduce the tumefaction that appears due to otitis externa.

  • Surgical Removal, Excision & Drainage

Some pimples require much attention of a healthcare provider. They are treated with corticosteroids firstly. Such injections reduce the lumps. But if they don’t vanish for good, the treatment course also includes the drainage of pumps.

Some pimples are removed during a surgery. This is a way for very big growths that develop into the ear and obstruct hearing. They are often referred as an aesthetic problem. Any type of surgical removal fails in rare cases: some types of pimples grow back and get even bigger. Then a combined treatment is needed – antibiotics + injections+ surgeries+ home remedies.

  • Simple Home Remedies and Tips

They work for very small bumps or can be used during a post-surgery period. Start with tea tree oil for pimples on earlobe. When combined with some salt water, it reduces both the irritation and swelling thus allowing pimples to heal slowly, yet naturally.

Hot compresses may be very helpful in cases of a very severe inflammation. You need to apply a cotton pad soaked in herbal tincture or alcohol to your earlobe. Cover the area with cellophane. It may be secured with plaster, if needed. Leave a compress for an hour and then remove it. The procedure should be repeated several times daily.

There is a remedy that can both treat the condition and prevent its reoccurrence. It’s salicylic alcohol (salicylic acid). It is proven an effective choice for relapses prevention. Try Chloromycetin drops in case the above-mentioned options don’t help. They cope with any sort of inflammation quite quickly. You can drip the medication on the earlobe and into the ear to prevent the spreading of infections.

Apply masks for skin cleaning and moisturizing. They prove their efficacy as well. It is suggested to apply them on earlobes and affected areas near them.

Home remedies for pimples on earlobes are always quite effective, yet still we insist on having a consultation of a cosmetologist and dermatologist. A healthcare provider diagnoses the condition faster and finds optimal treatment options that help in eliminating any problems within a very short timeframe.