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Male Muscle Growth Story

Men's Muscle Growth Story

Nowadays, there are many men who want to grow their muscle mass, and that’s why they try a variety of workout methods, daily regimes, food products, and supplements, and they keep looking for male muscle growth stories to find out more about secrets of success. Some of them work great, while others don’t. Why? Let me share my men’s muscle growth story, and I hope that it will help you achieve your bodybuilding and healthy lifestyle goals. I was one of those men struggling to make muscles grow, so I’ve tried many programs, until I came up with my own one, and here I will talk about its basic elements.

Basic Muscle Growth Tips That Really Helped Me

Basic Muscle Growth Tips

  1. Focusing on lifting more weight. Perhaps, this simple tip made the huge difference in my muscle gain rate. As a bodybuilder, one of my top priorities is to keep lifting heavier weights because I don’t want to be stuck on the same level. I don’t think that I’ve attained a perfect level of musculature, so I keep using weights to lift heavier because this is what helped me achieve incredible results.
  2. The rule of failure. Unlike many other men, I don’t think that fully exhausting myself is a good idea because of certain problems associated with lifting to failure all sets, and the major trouble is central nervous system fatigue. I avoid the workouts sessions that ask me to go to failure every time, because they are very draining and never helped me to gain more muscle mass. Another problem is that I didn’t have any power for further exercises after that, and that’s why avoiding it is a part of my bodybuilding success. What did I do instead? I decided to go 1 or 2 reps short of failure, as it’s my intensity level needed to grow more muscles while avoiding destroying myself.
  3. Doing exercises for at least 2 muscle groups at once. I focused on different compound exercises, and I still call them very effective. As most bodybuilders, I have only a limited period of time to spend in the gym, and that’s why I include this tip in my bodybuilding regimen. They allow me to maximize my potential! For example, the squat works for hamstrings and quads, while the shoulder press works for triceps and shoulders.
  4. Fueling the body before and after workouts. I think I would have never achieved my success without this simple tip because everybody needs enough energy to formulate new muscles. I’m more flexible about my meal times throughout the rest of my day (but I still meet my nutrient and calorie needs), but before and after exercising meals should be perfect.
  5. Never going more than 2 weeks without changes. I’ve noticed that I’ve reached the point where I was not gaining more muscle, and the main reason was that my training program wasn’t changed on a regular basis. When I understood that it was my right direction to the bodybuilding success because it helped me achieve the results I was looking for.
  6. Rest is always important. I also made a huge mistake of training too often and too hard without giving my body enough time to recover. This is how I ended up weak, but luckily everything changed when I started having enough rest.

Top List of My Favorite Exercises

Top List of My Favorite Exercises

My men’s muscle growth story will be continued with a list of exercises that helped me achieve my bodybuilding goals faster and easier.

  1. Partials. It’s all about moving weights through a partial motion range, as this is what allowed me to use more weight. I prefer to do partials at the end of each set to extend it. The best part is that this exercise can be done anywhere in the exercising motion range, and this is what helped me get through sticking points. Pure partials are my favorites. I still do them in the power rack, and I always stretch after every set.
  2. Pre-exhaust training. I did a set of special isolation exercises for a certain muscle group followed by compound movements. This is what fatigues the targeted muscles and makes them harder and harder. Sometimes I extend this incredible pre-exhaust concept to my entire workout if I want to build more muscles faster.
  3. Cheating. When I felt that I couldn’t do more reps, I used some body swings to get the weight past sticking points, but I don’t advise you to overdo this exercise because it may cause unexpected injuries. I prefer to cheat just to make my muscles work harder, but not to make workouts easier.
  4. Drop sets. It’s all about doing sets to failure with heavier weights and then doing sets to failure with lighter weights. I did this exercise as a triple and double drop, and it was a big part of my muscle growth success. The main rule that I followed was reducing weights around 10%, and I still agree that it’s one of the most effective training methods both for beginners and pros.
  5. Rest-pause training. This advanced and popular technique allowed me to get more reps while using the same weight. For example, I did a set to failure and then rested for ten seconds before doing more reps with the same weight. I did this exercise both once and a few times based on my energy levels, because this bodybuilding technique is perfect for the moments when you feel that lactic acid burn forces to stop training.
  6. Supersetting. When my time was limited, I always used this technique, which involves doing 2 exercises without any rest in between. The good news is that there are many types of supersets, and this is what allows me to make my workouts interesting and resultative. For instance, I prefer pre-exhaust supersetting, and it involves doing a set of isolation exercises and then a set of compound exercises. When it comes to jump sets, I always did a number of heavy sets for different muscle groups without losing strength in between. They are perfect for biceps, triceps, quads, hamstrings and chest.
  7. Burns. I did them in both contracted and stretch positions. This exercise involves fast and small movements at the end of each set to get the most out of the muscle growth. It’s all about bouncing up and down in your bottom position.

My Nutrition and Favorite Muscle Growth Food Products

My Nutrition and Favorite Muscle Growth Food Products

It’s hard to imagine my men’s muscle growth story without the right nutrition. Personally, I think that the following food products contributed to my bodybuilding success the most (it’s no wonder they are consumed by all professionals):

  1. Egg whites. It’s hard to find any successful bodybuilder who doesn’t have them in his diet plan. I didn’t want to miss a wonderful opportunity to get the necessary protein, so I included it in my daily nutrition plan. I still prefer to combine egg whites with oats to cook the best omelet, which transforms my breakfast into a powerful meal that fuels my entire day.
  2. Beef and chicken breasts. Chicken breasts are called a muscle growth staple, but I also incline beef cuts, as this is what helped me pack on dense and hard muscles. One of my best sources of protein is all about 100 g of chicken breasts because this food contains up to 25 mg of protein.
  3. Salmon. This product also has the necessary protein and unsaturated fats that are so important for my health. As a heavy weight lifter, I may become deficient in fats, and that’s why I included salmon in my daily meal plan.
  4. Sweet potato. Carbohydrates provide me with enough energy to keep making my muscles harder, and sweet potatoes give them me enough fast acting and basic carbs without overdosing. When I need to get ready for the next contest, I use them to fill out my exhausted muscles, and sweet potatoes are also a part of my mass-gaining routine. They are available in 2 types: similar to traditional potatoes and the ones with orange flesh and dim skin. The latter ones are loaded with essential nutrients, so I prefer to consume them.
  5. Asparagus. Some bodybuilders fail to understand that they need veggies to achieve their training success. Unfortunately, I was one of them until I understood their importance and started to eat more spinach, broccoli and asparagus, which is famous for its water-draining qualities.
  6. Oatmeal. It’s not the most popular food product, but it’s one of my best sources of carbs that helped me grow my muscle mass considerably. Oatmeal is their slow-burning source and contains a lot of protein, which is perfect for me.
  7. Cottage cheese. I included it in my nutritional plan because it’s low in fat and contains the necessary casein protein in addition to calcium.
  8. Nuts. It’s quite a simple muscle growth food product that has a high-calorie profile. Nuts helped me put on weight, so I always carry them around to consume at any time.