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is Diabetes Curable

Diabetes Is Curable

The only diagnosis of diabetes is not the reason to despair and accept it like a verdict. 10 years ago the condition was incurable, though modern researches and discoveries in medical and pharmaceutical spheres made it possible to treat diabetes. It is definitely a long and tiresome way, but the results are worth the efforts. The first step one should take on his/her way to a successful fight with the health issue is to learn the condition from the inside out, find possible reasons of its appearance and investigate other details. It will allow you to track possible ways out and opt for an appropriate treatment course.

Diabetes as It Is: Type 1 and Type 2

Diabetes as It Is: Type 1 and Type 2

Diabetes is a longtime disease that increases the blood sugar level and affects the general health condition. Diabetes can be of two types: type 1 and 2 with the first one being its more severe form. Having type 1 diabetes, the body cannot produce insulin at all, while with type 2 insulin is still produced, though not in sufficient amounts for correct functioning. 90% of all patients diagnosed with diabetes have the second type, while the rest suffer from the first one. Among the main symptoms of diabetes are frequent urinations, constant hunger and thirst, weight extremes, including either unexpected weight gain or its rapid and reasonless loss, weakness, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, numbness of limbs, etc.

Suffering from any diabetes type, it is inevitable to avoid possible complications, as they can affect other body functions and even be fatal. The most devastating conditions one should avoid include hypo- and hyperglycemia that are caused by too low or high concentration of sugar in blood and can influence the general body performance in a negative way. Diabetics also belong to a risk group of cardiovascular diseases, thus, it is inevitable to forget about such harmful habits as smoking that contribute to the condition aggravation. Besides, it is indispensable to check the cholesterol level and blood pressure on a regular basis to balance them and avoid complications and abnormalities.

There is hardly any diabetic who has never asked: “Is diabetes curable?” Profound and grounded answers to this question can be found below, though the general reply is, probably, yes. There is a number of recommendations and time-tested methods to overcome these serious conditions and live a full life. Nevertheless, looking for diabetes treatment methods and ways, be ready to spend much time and effort if you wish to achieve proper results. The crucial point, irrespective of diabetes type, is the healthy diet, regular exercising and constant control of blood sugar level.

Change Your Lifestyle and Habits to Improve the Condition

Change Your Lifestyle

Once you have been diagnosed with diabetes, do not give up at once, as there are multiple ways to make the situation better and even treat the condition. To make the difference between the initial point and the achieved results, one should work hard on his/her health and contribute to positive outcomes daily. Even though diabetes cannot be cured in a day, it is possible to smooth its impact and reach permanent recovery in a few months.

During all the way of the treatment course one should make simple steps to approach the improvements. First of all, it is inevitable to control the condition and avoid remission. The patient can do it just making a few rules a lifestyle and part of a daily routine, including the following:

  • Control of the blood sugar level. One of the new activities happening every single day is glucose levels check that helps keep the levels of blood sugar as close to normal as possible. Besides, taking diabetes drugs daily is an inevitable part of the recovery process. Do not forget to decrease stress situations, increase exercise time and manage your sleep properly.
  • Healthy eating. Follow the doctor’s and dietologist’s recommendations and stick to your eating plan. Try to eat regularly, avoiding the products which are not safe for your condition.
  • Regular exercising is another important point, as it helps burn calories, thus, balance the level of sugar in your blood.
  • Visit your healthcare provider to track the progress. Besides, do not let other health conditions appear and make diabetes treatment ineffective. Keep up with all the appointments with the medical specialists to prevent possible health aggravation.

Additionally, there are multiple instances of successful surgeries with advantageous outcomes. Weight loss surgeries are reported to balance blood sugar levels and bring patients to normal lives. However, some doctors claim these cases to be the instances of remission, and the symptoms come back in a few months. Although the effect of this method is incredible, diabetes can return together with weight, so a patient should still follow all the recommendations of his/her doctor concerning diet and eating rules. Besides, it is important to let your healthcare specialist know about all the changes happening in your body, as they can also affect the condition.

Another possible operation is called islet cells, and it can not only improve the disease, but cure it. Transplanted cells will produce the inevitable insulin, balancing blood sugar levels. Even in case the surgery is successful and the effect vivid within a short period of time, people who have undergone the surgery have to continue taking medications to prevent the rejection of the donor cell.

Is It Possible to Forget about Diabetes Forever?

Is It Possible to Forget about Diabetes Forever?

Probably, your concerns of diabetes as a lifelong condition has already faded away, and you know that it is possible to balance blood sugar levels, combine diabetes medications with healthy eating and exercising to achieve the desirable effect, though the question remains unanswered: Can diabetes be cured permanently?

Diabetes, as well as high blood sugar level and metabolic disorders, is caused by insufficient glycogen storage capacity, resulting in insulin resistance. Lots of professional doctors and pharmacists claim that diabetes can only be treated with multiple effective medications, healthy diets and regular exercising, though innovative and progressive specialists who have done great job researching this sphere still consider diabetes a curable issue. It is possible to balance blood sugar level and decrease it to a non-diabetic rate. Though the condition is chronic, according to the traditional views, carb diet is a revolutionary decision that will allow you to forget about diabetes forever. Only a few years ago no one heard about this option, but nowadays the complex treatment course makes miracles.

Striving to reach the desirable aim, one should mind all the details and even smallest peculiarities. It is also indispensable to take anti-diabetic medications prescribed by your doctor. They help keep the level of blood glucose in tonus, preventing complications. While the drugs make their contribution, carb diet and continuous adequate exercising can cure type 2 diabetes at its early stage. Is type 1 diabetes curable? Definitely, no. There are numerous effective, approved and time-tested ways to control all the crucial factors and treat the condition, though still there are no remedies and formulas that can cure the disease. However, a great number of patients are reported to recover from type 2 diabetes with the help of carbohydrate diet in complex with other arrangements. The results are striking:

  • There is a multitude of cases when people took diverse medications to treat type 2 diabetes, but never recover. After a few months of decreased carb consumption and regular work out, the blood sugar level was normalized and the patients stopped taking medications.
  • There are plenty of people who managed to reduce the symptoms of type 2 diabetes to a point when the condition was not detected by any lab tests.
  • There are instances of patients putting diabetes into regression until they are approved to be non-diabetic, and they still follow the carb diet and do regular workouts.
  • There are numerous people who lost their weight in a ridiculously short period of time and put diabetes into regression to the point when they became non-diabetic, with the help of a strict carbohydrate diet and exercising only.

Is type 2 diabetes curable? Without any doubt, it is. Simply take some time, limit carb-full foods and cure type 2 diabetes permanently.