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How to Get Rid of Planters Wart: Home and Professional Treatment Methods

Viral infections are the main triggers of warts. The virus starts penetrating through the skin that is damaged or traumatized. It leads to discomfort, rash, and a whole bunch of other complications that you should not stand. Speaking about planters warts, they are pretty common and cause specific symptoms due to their location on the human body (the sole of the foot). When you have the condition, you get a feeling as if there’s a stone in the shoe. Some patients take them for calluses. In any case, when the diagnosis is correct, everyone should know how to get rid of planters wart.

How to Get Rid of Planters Wart Naturally: Top-9 Home Remedies

Using natural treatment options when answering the question ‘how to get rid of planters wart’ is what many sufferers are dreaming about. Frankly speaking, there are many different variants and home recipes. What you need is the one that will help in your exact case. It means that you need to try more than a single variant to make the right decision.

  • ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)

This is one of the most favorite remedies. Take apple cider vinegar, soak a cotton ball in it and apply the ball to the wart. Use a duct tape to cover the area and leave it there for 2days. Replace the ball and the duct tape in 2 days. Before you repeat the procedure soak the foot in warm water.

  • Garlic

A slice of fresh garlic must be put directly on the plantar wart. After applying the slice, cover the area with a tight bandage. Repeat the same procedure once every 24 hours. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, garlic removes the issue within one month.

  • Aloe Vera

How to get rid of planters wart with aloe vera? Take really heavy doses of aloe vera and apply them to the warts. This home remedy dries the plantar wart out and makes it vanish for good. The gel should be applied more than once per day. Use the bandage to cover the area every time.

  • Lemon Essential Oil

A few drops of it are enough to remove the issue within a few days. This is perhaps the fasters remedy ever.

  • Duct Tape

Does it really help? You are going to be surprised but yes. Soak foot in warm water. Cover the affected zone with a clean piece of duct tape. Repeat the same once a day for a week. Take a pumice stone and rub the area after a week. Leave the condition untreated for 12 hours and then continue the treatment for 2 months.

  • Potato Skin

Here is another way of how to get rid of planters wart. Rub the inner side of a potato skin on a wart twice daily. Soon the wart will fall off. Generally it happens within 2 weeks.

  • Onion

The remedy works for those, who have no problem standing the smell of onions. Make onion juice and apply it directly to the wart.

  • Tea Tree Oil

The problem area should be covered with it either once or twice a day. This natural oil takes time to treat the issue, yet its use is always safe and beneficial.

  • Homeopathic remedies

There are several options available to those, who have already tried everything and believe there is a chance that one of homeopathic solutions will do: Nitricum acidum, Graphites, Thuja occidentalis, Natrum muriaticum.

How to Get Rid of Planters Wart with Vitamins?

Make an appointment and discuss the options with a physician or podiatrist. Vitamin treatment may be very effective if only correct vitamins are used. In case you have diabetes or a poor blood circulation, the vitamin treatment is to be supervised by a healthcare expert.

  • Vitamin A

You need to wash the foot using warm water and soap. Rub the skin gently over the wart with a pumice stone. After the area dries thoroughly, use a pumice stone once again. What for? The thing is that it allows a better penetration of the used medication.

Get some vitamin A capsules. You can buy any type you like but doctors recommend gel ones from the fish liver or fish oil. Break one capsule and apply the liquid vitamin to a wart. Rub the area with a cotton-tipped applicator.

As the condition gets worse in dark and moist places, make sure your foot is dry. Change shoes and socks more than once daily if you have really sweaty feet.

  • Vitamin C

In this case you need to buy vitamin C tablets. Crush one, add water to it and make a kind of a paste. A very small amount is to be applied over the wart with an applicator. Do not apply it to the surrounding skin. Take a bandage and cover the area. The vitamin will start killing the bacteria. Leave the bandage overnight. Repeat the procedure once a day until the problem vanishes.

  • Other groups of vitamins

Your ration should include more vitamin B rich food and products that include 3-fatty acids (whole grains and kale, spinach and salmon, beans and almonds). They will boost your immune system, which means that it will fight the virus faster.

You can also buy a multivitamin complex in a drugstore and take vitamins daily. Choose the one with A, C, E and B vitamins.

This treatment therapy won’t work at once. Warts will remain for months until the treatment resolves the infection completely.

How to Get Rid of Planters Wart Professionally?

Again, there are several options that you could try out. Depending on the infection type and the severity of your condition, a doctor may offer one of the following options.

  • Salicylic Acid Treatment

It is a popular removing technique. The liquid is available at any pharmacy. You can also by its gel, ointment or pad form. Always read and follow all package directions as the misuse will lead to skin irritation. Normally, this treatment course takes up to several months. The only drawback is that salicylic acid helps when the issue stage is initial.

So, you need to soak the affected area in warm water. Keep your foot in water for 5 minutes and then apply the acid. All loose tissues are to be carefully removed with a washcloth. This will allow the remedy to penetrate the wound better. First improvements are normally noticed within 14 days. When there are no results, you need to see your doctor and look for an alternative option.

  • Laser Treatment

How to get rid of planters wart with a laser? You may be offered one of two laser procedure types. On the one hand, the laser will cut the growth away. On the other one, it will cauterize all blood vessels that feed the infection. The procedure is expensive and painful. The healing period takes really much time but it works. Recently, the new types of lasers have appeared. They manage to destroy the virus that causes a wart.

  • Immunotherapy

We have mentioned the vitamin treatment course that may be taken. However, it works from the outside rather than the inside. When the condition is complicated, you may need the latter option. In this case a doctor prescribes immunotherapy.

An intralesional injection of antigens is tried and tested by many sufferers. A physician injects toxins into the wart that is really severe and can’t be cured by any of the natural options. The toxins work stimulating the immune system of a patient to fight the virus.

  • Surgery

This is the option of the last resort. A few cases require a surgery because warts do not respond to all the treatment methods that used to be effective for many other patients.

The wart may be cut away by an electric needle that kills the tissue around it and removes the wart for good. And even though this surgery is very painful, it is effective and ensures long-term results. The only drawback that some patients talk about is that there’s a scar that remains after a surgery.

Can you cut the wart away at home? Don’t even try to do this! As you have no experience, required tools and a sterile environment, this procedure will lead to a severe bleeding and the penetration of infection.

How to Prevent the Condition after You Worked on How to Get Rid of Planters Wart?

Unfortunately, there is no single effective recommendation you could keep to. Doctors agree that there are a few steps that may reduce some risks but definitely not all of them. As the virus spreads in humid and warm places, you may reduce the chances by:

  • Not touching another person’s wart.
  • Not coming in contact with another person’s wart.
  • Wearing sandals or flip flops when using a public pool area, a public locker room or a public shower.
  • Not shaving over a wart.
  • Not scratching the affected area.
  • Not picking at the wound.
  • Keeping the towels and clothing that comes in contact with the wart away from other family members.

Knowing how to get rid of planters wart helps a lot. You can prevent complications when the first signs of the virus appear. If you are not sure if any of the above-mentioned methods works for you, have a professional consultation first.