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How to Get Rid of Gas Cramps and Pains

Gas Pains

It is difficult to believe, though such a rare at the first sight issue as gas cramps and pains is actually very common. A great number of people all around the world suffer from the devastating condition on a daily basis. Pains are also accompanied by unpleasant and embarrassing sounds that prevent you from feeling comfortable and confident in any place. Gas pains, also called intestinal gas or bloating, appears the moment when gas is formed but not released from the intestine all during the digestion process. Thus, it remains within the intestine and causes cramps.

Symptoms of Gas Pains and Cramps

Symptoms of Gas Pains and Cramps

As any other condition or health issue, gas problems have both symptoms and reasons. Here we will help you understand that you really experience gas-related difficulties, and it is not a usual upset stomach. When you know the symptoms, it becomes much easier to treat the condition. Among the most common and frequently appearing symptoms are abdominal and chest pain. These are telltale signs of gas complications. Sudden sharp abdominal pain is a reason to consult a doctor about gas pains. Besides, irrespective of a variety of severe conditions chest pain can point to, it also serves as a gas difficulty symptom. Additionally, you can feel twisted in the abdomen; sharp, jabbing pains and cramps may appear within the abdomen. Tightness and swelling in the belly are other symptoms of the condition. Moreover, the results of the recently undertaken study have shown that frequent gas can also be confused for gallstones, heart disorders and appendicitis by mistake. However, just if the gas is accompanied by a durable and sharp abdominal pain, weight loss, decreased appetite, bloody stools, nausea and vomiting, you need to seek medical help immediately. In other cases the condition is controllable and you can deal with it yourself, with a few simple tricks and methods (see information below).

Most Common Causes of Gas Cramps and Pains

Most Common Causes of Gas Cramps and Pains

You will definitely be excited to hear that gas pains and cramps are curable, though before looking for ways to reduce the issue, you should find the cause of the condition. It is inevitable to discover the agent of disease not only to cure it, but also to prevent its further reappearing and development. Surely, according to the peculiarities of each individual organism, causes may differ greatly, but the most frequently appearing cases of gas pains and cramps are provoked by the following factors:

  • Whole wheat;
  • Chewing gum;
  • Baked beans;
  • Diverse soluble fiber containing foods;
  • Apples, pears, and other similar fruits;
  • Carbonated beverages;
  • Eating too quickly;
  • Desserts and candies containing sugar replacement and sweeteners;
  • Different vegetables, including sprouts, broccoli, onions, cauliflower, artichoke, etc.;
  • Drinking through the straw.

These and a range of other products, eating habits and related factors can lead to abdominal pains, high gas concentrations and cramps as the result of it. Reducing consumption of the mentioned goods and improving diverse habits will continually relieve your condition.

Getting Rid of Gas Related Problems in Diverse Ways

In addition to eliminating the cause of the problem, one can take extra steps to reduce annoying gas cramps and pains completely. You can surely consult your healthcare provider and receive all the necessary recommendations, concerning your exact condition and following your specifications and body peculiarities. Nevertheless, if you lack time, desire or opportunity to visit a doctor, you can use our tips to achieve the desirable results. All the instructions are time-tested and approved to be safe and effective. More than 80% of people have gained the so much wanted result after a few simple restrictions and improvements. Probably, it is time for you to experience positive changes, too.

Natural Ways to Reduce Gas

Natural Ways to Reduce Gas

Striving to find an optimal remedy to treat this nasty condition, start looking for a natural solution. There are multiple vegetables, fruit and other products that produce a preferable relieving effect and prevent further gas appearance.

Here you have an opportunity to learn a few useful things to block gas pains and cramps, improving the situation:

  1. Drinking hot water is probably the safest, cheapest and most effective way to reduce the discomfort from gas pains and cramps. Thus, experiencing a bad condition, gulp some hot water and wait for the result. Once you have no other ideas how to get rid of gas pains, try this old, but effective method.
  2. Drink chamomile tea. Generally, chamomile is widely spread and known for its soothing effect. It’s a rather efficient way to treat a great range of health conditions. The exclusive effect is reached by those suffering from gas cramps and pains. Just brew one bag of chamomile tea in the whole cup of boiled water, drink it and feel the relief.
  3. Drinking peppermint tea is another great way to soothe stomach disorders and relieve pains. Take a couple of minutes to make the tea and be ready to enjoy a couple of hours without any abdominal disorders.
  4. Drink lemonade. The citric acid that is present in lemons is potent to split foods that usually cause gas in the intestine, thus, preventing its appearance and producing a good feeling.
  5. Drink ginger tea. Ginger is undoubtedly one of the most efficient natural reliefs of gas pains and cramps, as it possesses powerful anti-inflammatory capacity able to reduce any gas problem. Brew some fresh tea from raw ginger roots and receive the desirable effect within some time. Additionally, you can just chew fresh ginger if you have no opportunity to make tea. Any of these methods will bring great relief and wanted outcomes.
  6. Eat Papaya. This exotic fruit is known for its help in the digestion process. It is a 100% natural product that can prevent gas formation in the abdomen. Regular consumption of this fruit does not only serve as a great solution for gas pains prevention, but is also potent to improve the overall condition.
  7. Eat Yogurt. People suffering from increased gas and connected issues should eat yogurt on a daily basis. The product contains indispensable pro-biotic that is approved to bring the wanted result.

Medical Help against Gas Problems

Probably, the last thing you need to try when suffering from gas is medications. Once you have no idea how to get rid of gas, choose the necessary medicine and undergo a treatment course. Such measures are definitely effective, though they require professional assistance and primary doctor’s consultations.

Among the most popular and widely spread treatments against gas problems are the following:

  1. Antibiotics intake is a great way to forget about gas problems. However, the treatment course cannot be started without seeing a healthcare provider. Once you have a serious case of this nasty condition, your pharmacist may prescribe you a safe antibiotic, which would be suitable for your condition. Starting the treatment course, do not forget to follow all the given recommendations and never violate the instructions to prevent possible severe side effects.
  2. Antacid is a much simpler drug that can be taken by the patient on his/her own. The medication is commonly advised to be taken around 30-40 minutes after the meals. Its active components prevent the apparition of gas pains, producing the necessary effect. Once you are already suffering from pains, either chew one Antacid tablet or take two tablespoons of liquid medicine to relieve the condition.

Other Useful Recommendations

If you have tried any of the ideas mentioned above, felt just temporary improvements and still have no idea how to get rid of gas cramps, it is definitely time to stick to general recommendations that should turn into a habit in a while to reduce the appearance of gas in the abdomen:

  • Start eating slowly;
  • Release the air in any possible way;
  • Workout every day or, at least, do a few exercises;
  • Reduce the consumption of carbonated beverages;
  • Drink more water than usually;
  • Reduce stressful everyday situations;
  • Avoid gas-stimulating foods;
  • Enjoy a full life without any gas pains and cramps.

All in all, select a few most preferable tips, try to follow them daily and feel incredible relief.