How Fast Do Eyelashes Grow Back After Falling Out?

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All women in the world are crazy about long eyelashes and ready to do anything to achieve their goal. That’s not surprising, as it makes you look stylish and gorgeous, attracts attention of people around and increases your chances to be considered as the most beautiful lady in the world. That’s, actually, truth for men as well, because they also want to obtain an additional “game changer”.

People spend much money on various cosmetics to make their lashes look impressive, nevertheless, a plenty of people in the world, both men and women, face an unpleasant problem of eyelashes growing weaker and falling out. That is a reason to panic as eyelashes don’t just make our eyes expressive and face beautiful, but also provide protection for eye sclera. Moreover, eyelash loss may be a sign of some health disorders.

What Causes Eyelashes to Fall Out

What Causes Eyelashes to Fall Out

Eyelashes may fall out due to a great many of factors, and the first thing to do, when starting treatment, is to define what exactly has led to the problem. Conventionally, all the causes of eyelash loss may be divided into external and internal.

External causes are more widespread and easier to remove, and here are some of them:

  1. Chemical allergy to mascara. All the mascaras are produced with some chemical compounds which may be allergic for you personally. When allergens contact with conjunctiva, there appears irritation which results in conjunctivitis. If the components come in contact with sensitive skin around your eyes, contact dermatitis may appear. The most dangerous kind of mascara in respect of allergy is the waterproof one.
  2. Curling. Using eyelash curler too often may cause lashes to become fragile, and it’s even worse when a curler without rubber lining is used, as it can basically cut your eyelashes. Another type of dangerous curling is chemical – that is when eyelashes are winded on special rolls and impregnated with some mixture which changes their structural qualities. In this case both mechanical damage and allergic reaction are possible.
  3. Incorrect or non-removal of make-up. Mascara and eye shadows left overnight fall down and clog follicles, preventing them from breathing, which stops eyelashes growth. While removing make-up with improper substances it’s unavoidable to rub eyes, and this makes lashes fall out. And finally, when removing fake lashes, it’s better to use a specifically designed solution, otherwise, your own eyelashes will be pulled out together with false ones.
  4. Blepharitis. This disease features inflammation accompanied by redness, itchiness and sometimes swollenness caused by overgrowth of skin bacteria.
    Internal causes of eyelash loss are more dangerous and harder to cope with. Some of them are unfortunately incurable and it’s necessary to continue the treatment all the time; others are possible to get rid of and then successfully recreate your eyelashes.

The most well-known of them are the following:

1. Infection. Some contagious diseases such as scarlet fever, viral infections, smallpox and also staphylococcal infections may disastrously weaken a person’s body, thus, causing eyelash loss.

2. Alopecia Areata. In case of this illness, immune cells attack follicles causing hair in some area (scalp, eyebrows, beard and eyelashes as well) to fall out. This is an immune system disorder.

3. Thyroid condition. Endocrine system also influences the growth of eyelashes, but indirectly. Overactive or underactive thyroid glands lead to health problems which are reflected in the condition of hair, making it fragile and unstable.

4. Distichiasis. This disease is characterized by abnormal growth of lashes, which may consequently be pushed out or grow in strange fandom patterns.

5. Trichotillomania. This is a psychological disorder when a sufferer pulls out his/her hair, including eyelashes. Usually trichotillomania passes with age, but in some cases adult people still have it.

6. Medications. It’s about eyelash loss as a side effect of some medicines. Because of some components included in a drug, eyelashes may start falling out. Also personal allergic reaction to the medicine may be the cause.

7. Malnutrition. Poor diet may be another cause as eyelashes lack macro- and microelements, so they get thin and brittle.

8. Hormonal changes. This cause is mostly widespread among women who experience loss of eyelashes together with hormonal changes in their body, including puberty, pregnancy and climax.
There are many other possible reasons for eyelash loss; they may be chemotherapy, chemical burns, psychological problems, permanent stress, etc.

How Long Does It Take for Eyelashes to Grow Back after Falling Out?

How Long Does It Take for Eyelashes to Grow Back after Falling Out?

It’s clear that when eyelashes have fallen out, the first question a person is concerned with is how long it would take to grow them back. Only then various treatments start to be searched for. The issue is really hard, because everything depends on the cause. Also, personal features of your body and health are important. If speaking about eyelashes falling out as a natural process, we can say that a person normally loses 4-5 lashes a day, and each eyelash lives only several months.

There are three phases of eyelash life:

• Anagen (active growth);
• Catagen (transition);
• Telogen (lasting phase).

The best phase to lose an eyelash is the third one, because a new eyelash is ready to grow instead of it. Actually, each eyelash may live from 28 to 200 days.
Usually, it takes about two or three weeks to grow back your eyelashes, in case only visible part of them is damaged. If you care about them, then the result may be obtained faster, but there also may be some aspects, like fever or bad environment, which may slow down the process.

How to Grow Eyelashes Naturally and Fast

Grow Eyelashes Naturally and Fast

So, how do your eyelashes grow back? What are the secrets of good care and fast treatment? Actually, there is a great variety of them. Pitifully, sometimes there is no way out except eyelash transplantation or medical treatment, but in most cases natural methods are quite effective and powerful improve the state of your eyelashes essentially.

  1. Massage is a great option to grow back eyelashes. As it has already been mentioned, an eyelash is a kind of hair which has its follicle and depends on its functioning extensively. So when you massage your lower and upper lids, you stimulate blood-circulation and maintain proper operation of eyelashes’ roots. Of course, the massage must be tender and careful. Just slightly push your eyelids with fingertips, moving from outer to inner corners. Remember that clogged pores may noticeably reduce the growth, so do your best to keep pores clean. A brush or comb will be helpful – you may clean eyelids and eyelashes of dust and other small particles; moreover, it’s a kind of massage as well. Try to brush your lashes for 5 minutes twice a day and soon you will see the desired result.
  2. Natural oils are famous for their positive effect and widely used in cosmetology when taking care of skin, hair, nails and eyelashes as well. The action of natural oils is based on two entries:
  • They contain components which improve blood-circulation in eyelids, thus, activating follicles;
  • They provide eyelashes with necessary minerals, making their structural characteristics better.

Actually, any organic oil may be used to grow beautiful lashes, but there are some most effective. Moreover, you may be allergic to some oils, so do your best when choosing the needed cure.

Here is a list of natural oils which may be successfully used for eyelash improvement, unless there are some contraindications or intolerance:

  • Castor oil;
  • Burdockoil;
  • Jojoba oil;
  • Almond oil;
  • Wheatgerm oil;
  • Peach-kernel oil;
  • Camphor oil;
  • Olive oil;
  • Sea-buckthorn seed oil.

There are some rules concerning the usage of oils for lashes. For example, you should apply it to the middle of your lashes, letting it reach the follicles. Then, it’s advised to put a small quantity of oil to avoid its penetrating into your eyes and leading to inflammation. The most important thing for the remedy’s effectiveness is that you should treat your lids and eyelashes on a permanent basis. If you follow all the mentioned recommendations, you will no longer ask: “Do eyelashes grow back? Is it really possible?”

  1. Vaseline is also recommended as a remedy, but it’s considered to make just an outer effect which has nothing to do with eyelash growth. If you want to soften eyelashes, then it will help.
    The most popular recipes for boosting eyelash growth include combinations of different oils and Vaseline as well. Also, it’s useful to add vitamins A and E, some aloe, marigold, chamomile or cornflower extracts. Another constituent advised for the remedy is cognac, which is believed to improve the blood flow.
  2. In combination with oils, it’s good to use a compress which is quite easy to make. You will have just to take some pharmacy herbs, for example, chamomile or marigold, pour boiling water over the herbs you’ve chosen and wet a cotton pad with the warm liquid you’ve got. Then put cotton pads on your eyelids for 20 minutes. Afterwards, oil your eyelashes. It’s essential to repeat the procedure not more than once a week. There is another compress, which must be applied cold. It’s made of cotton pads moistened in cold coconut milk, and it should be put on eyelids just for 10 minutes. Coconut milk satiates the skin of eyelids with nutrients, enriches follicles with vitamins and makes eyelids grow faster.
  3. Aloe Vera gel is used to initiate faster growth of eyelashes as well. It contains vitamins and nutrients which accelerate the growth of eyelashes and make them longer. Here you will need your old mascara, or its wand to be more precise. With the help of the wand apply some Aloe Vera gel to your eyelashes and go to bed. Don’t forget to wash your eyes in the morning. You may also mix this gel with some jojoba oil and chamomile infusion (1 tablespoon each) which can improve the effect. Thanks to Aloe Vera your eyelashes will stay moisturized all day long.
  4. An unexpected product used for the same purpose is lemon peels. They are rich in folic acid, vitamins B and C. Peels are usually dried and then soaked in the oils mentioned above. As well as Aloe Vera, this remedy should be worn all night long and washed with water in the morning.

Best Products for Eyelash Growth

Apart from the means applied directly to eyelids or lashes, well-balanced nutrition is crucial. You should eat food rich in zinc, iron, folic acids, vitamins B, B7, D and E. Natural proteins will enhance your eyelashes growth as well. The best meal for your eyelashes recreation is salmon as it contains all the components, including proteins, fish oil and essential omega-3. They provide support to all the vital systems, boost the immunity and guarantee strong and thick eyelashes to grow back fast. Also, such food as bread, raw egg yolk, cauliflower, liver, peanuts, avocado, pork, raspberries, spinach, oysters, beans, prunes, raisins, turkey, artichokes, clams, scallops and grain cereal are advised. They are rich in the mentioned nutrients and able to provide your eyelashes with the components needed for fast growth.

Want to Avoid Problems with Eyelashes? Do No Harm to Your Health

There is an unfavorable tendency that eyelashes become worse with time. Mainly it’s connected with our own destructive habits, including poor nutrition which leads to lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, passion for make-up, bad habits, etc. Do eyelashes grow only because of masks, compresses and oils applied? Of course, not! There are numerous factors which influence their strength and volume, length and thickness.

To avoid moving away from the desirable result, it’s necessary to follow some simple rules which at least guarantee the absence of harm for your eyelashes:

  1. Don’t use such ingredients as alcohol, yeast and others which may initiate allergy.
  2. Don’t save money on make-up, as low quality cosmetics may affect the state of your skin and, first and foremost, of your eyelashes. Strictly watch your mascara’s expiry date and better change it every 3-4 months. Avoid cosmetic products you are allergic to, especially when it concerns your eyes. Remember, the consequences of using bad cosmetics may be awful!
  3. Maybe you have noticed that your hair may be spoilt if exposed to ultraviolet for a long time. The same applies to your eyelashes, so make sure you buy good sunglasses to protect both your eyes and eyelashes.
  4. Mascara and eye shadows make you look pretty, but they are hard to bear for your eyelids and lashes. Just like you let your feet have some rest from high-heeled footwear from time to time, let your eyes rest from everyday make-up.
  5. Try to avoid junk food, including hamburgers, sandwiches, soda, etc.
  6. Don’t cut your eyelashes. It doesn’t help to enhance their growth, but interferes with the structure and reduces length.

There is also a variety of contemporary chemical elixirs, cosmetic treatments and other ways to grow your eyelashes fast. Certainly, each person is individual. You should first try and then choose the remedy which will be the best one personally for you!