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Enlarged Circumvallate Papillae: Dealing with Inflamed Growths

Enlarged Circumvallate Papillae

What are enlarged circumvallate papillae? These are small, yet inflamed and painful growths that appear on one’s tongue due to multiple reasons. They are sometimes referred as taste buds and can be of various types or forms. As to the types of papillae, today scientists name four of them:

  1. fungi-form papillae;
  2. fili-form papillae;
  3. foliate papillae;
  4. circumvallate papillae

The first ones appear on the tongue surface and are mostly located on its apex and the sides. They aren’t related to fungus and are easy to detect because of their mushroom shape. Such growths detect sweet or sour tastes. The second ones are long, thin and always v-shaped. They appear more often than all other types altogether and give the abrasive coating to the tongue. Such growths detect a sour taste. The third ones appear on the sides of the tongue and detect a sour taste as well. As to the fourth kind, they detect a bitter taste. Such papillae appear on the back of the tongue.

They all have nerve endings that send messages to the brain about what you eat. Dealing with papillae isn’t as easy as most sufferers can think. The process is complicated and always painful, yet still there are a few tricks that help to eliminate them for good.

Typical Causes of Enlarged Circumvallate Papillae

Enlarged Circumvallate Papillae

Generally speaking, the greater part of all causes that lead to the appearance of inflamed papillae, are harmless. However, the growths can also occur as the symptoms and signs of some serious conditions. This is why, regardless of the trigger, the condition must be treated seriously.

  • Canker Sores

They are usually called mouth ulcers. Today they are a usual trigger of enlarged growths. They appear because of some viral infection that occurs due to the effects of bacteria or any viral propagation. Extreme cases of oral thrush trigger the occurrence of canker sores together with papillae. People with hereditary conditions as well as a weakened immune system are prone to the condition more than others.

  • Allergy

Numerous allergies trigger the occurrence of inflamed circumvallate papillae. The most typical of them are dental care products, food and medications. Allergies lead to mouth swelling and occurrence of growths. When the problem is noticed for the first time after eating lemons, sea foods, nuts or grapefruits, taking certain pills or using dental care products, one should reduce the frequency of their use to prevent irritation and swelling.

  • Smoking

Frequent smoking always causes tongue irritation and facilitates papillae enlargement. Chewing tobacco also stands behind the appearance of enlarged growths. It irritates the tongue and encourages the appearance of infections that sooner or later lead to swelling.

  • Gastrointestinal Disorders

Don’t get surprised after finding out that your circumvallate papillae appear due to gastrointestinal disorders. They occur as secondary symptoms of GERD, acid reflux disease, ulcerative colitis and other conditions. Gastric acid regulation irritates the tongue and buds for tasting.

  • Injuries and Trauma

At times even biting and rubbing can lead to the same unpleasant condition. Various tongue injuries and oral surgeries result in swollen and irritated taste buds that get really painful. Try to avoid rubbing, scrapping and biting your tongue against teeth, dental appliances and any other objects to avoid possible unpleasant and disturbing problems.

  • Transient Lingual Papillitis

It’s the inflammatory disorder that usually affects fungi-form papillae that are present on the dorsal area of the tongue. The condition is characterized by the occurrence of really enlarged papillae with reddish and white bumps. A sufferer normally experiences burning and tingling sensations. As the nerves around the damaged area are hurt, pain may be experienced as well.

  • Depression and Stress

When enlarged papillae appear regularly, they may be results of constant stress or depression. Today there is an idea that excessive stress adds to the occurrence of bumps greatly. Those people, who are always under much stress, have this problem regularly. Why? Stress has a tendency to affect the hormonal balance and weaken the body immunity making a person more vulnerable to the infection.

  • Foods

Growths can appear due to consumption of certain foods too (salty, spicy or acidic). When you eat too salty, spicy and acidic foods, they start triggering buds or taste receptors swelling. After irritating them the food makes them get swollen. There are frequent cases, when products lead to an itchy tongue condition. While experiencing this, most sufferers rub their tongues against teeth worsening the condition instead of feeling a relief.

  • Mouth Infections

There are many various mouth conditions that can lead to inflamed papillae. Some of them are mouth ulcers, oral thrush, canker sores, candidiasis and oral cancer. They all trigger the appearance of numerous swollen taste buds around those areas that are affected the most.

  • Hot Food and Drinks

How often do your eat or drink something hot? Have you ever considered hot drinks to be the reason of swollen growths on your tongue? Aside from burning the mouth, hot food and drinks triggers papillae that remain for many days.

So, exposure to tobacco, alcohol, various toxins and vitamin deficiency leads to the appearance of tongue irritation, inflammation and growths that are painful and disturbing. There are many additional factors that may lead to problem worsening, yet still there are such that contribute to its relief. Usually enlarged growths remain for about two weeks, but there’s always a chance to get rid of them much sooner.

Treatment Options for Enlarged Circumvallate Papillae

In most cases circumvallate papillae disappear on their own during 10-14 days and no special treatment is required. However, when discomfort and pain are hard to cope with, most specialists suggest turning to simple homemade remedies and solutions like applying ice, drinking more cold water or using a salt solution. In some cases, when the growths are too large and painful, a doctor prescribes topical creams and oral medications that deal with the condition better than homemade remedies. Some sufferers consume more yoghurt; others take Vitamin B12 or iron. There are many ways to get rid of pain and growths and we are about to mention the most effective ones:

  • always maintain good oral hygiene, visit your dentist regularly to reduce any chances for enlargement development;
  • don’t bite your tongue. In cases of accidental biting or injury, apply glycerin topically to reduce trauma and prevent possible growths;
  • take more B12 Vitamin supplements as they are regarded as the most effective and really helpful in cold sores and mouth ulcers management. Don’t forget about some working iron supplements as well because they are of top importance for dealing with enlarged papillae on tongue. The sources of iron are dates and prunes;
  • apply ice cubes topically to feel pain relief and prevent further enlargement of the growths. Some people eat more ice cream, if they have many bumps on their tongues;
  • when papillae are triggered by any throat infection, it is recommended to gargle with salty lukewarm solution once per 2-3 hours to achieve better results;
  • cold compression is always applied locally or you can drink more cold drinks to manage pain and discomfort, if any;
  • when infections and toxic substances triggered the occurrence of new and painful growths, sufferers are suggested to flush all toxins from the mouth via adequate intake of water. This will assist in reducing both irritation and papillae enlargement;
  • choose balanced diet to ensure the provision of all essential vitamins and minerals that reduce first symptoms and prevent further inflammation;
  • turn to natural oil gargling. The solutions can be prepared at home. The most effective of them usually includes sesame and tea tree oils. Their combination is regarded as the most beneficial for thrush and fungal infections;
  • stop smoking and chewing tobacco. Avoid spicy foods and maintain good tongue health;
  • give way to mineral and multivitamin supplements to prevent problem re-occurrence after dealing with it;
  • rinse your mouth with salty water to repair small damages on the tongue and reduce the degree of pain;
  • eat more low-fat dairy products like yoghurt as they provide many benefits for the reduction of enlarged papillae;
  • antiviral drugs or antibiotics are normally used when the condition is too serious and no homemade remedy can help to cope with it. Antifungal drugs, analgesics or anti-inflammatory remedies are applied topically for discomfort reduction.

Circumvallate papillae enlarged problem is usually not serious. Of course, there are serious conditions that many lead to infection development and severe complications, yet still, most of the time, the growths leave or repair themselves with time. How much time is required? Normally they disappear within two week or even less. Doctor’s assistance and advice are required when no remedy is effective enough and the growths remain or grow bigger.

Unfortunately, no one is protected from enlarged circumvallate papillae. They occur in many people from time to time. Yet there are many things that can be done for their prevention or cure, when needed.