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Eczema on Penis: Why Does It Appear and How to Treat It?


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Another name for eczema on penis is penile dermatitis – the condition that is characterized by itchiness and soreness, not speaking of a great discomfort that it is accompanied by. Perhaps, one of the worst things about the condition is that it seems to come from nowhere. You wake up one morning and see/experience rash and inflammation, blistering and redness. An average man faces the condition at least once in his life and the very first idea that comes to his mind is that he has a sexually transmitted disease. Is that really so? What can lead to penile eczema at any age? And what are other symptoms to be mentioned? Let’s have a closer look.

Types of Eczema on Penis

The condition is often mistaken for some other health issues, especially sexually transmitted diseases. It affects different parts of the male’s reproductive organ. And it can be of two types:

  1. allergic;
  2. irritant.

They both are triggered by an irritant or allergen. For your information, hundreds of things can act like allergens and irritants, including clothes and soaps, fabric softeners and deodorants.

What are the risk factors? Some males avoid the occurrence of this condition by incorporating easy rules into their daily routine. Firstly, they follow proper hygiene rules: when there are failures in keeping the penis clean, the risk of bacterial and fungal infections grows greatly. Secondly, they are physically active: going in for sports and exercising is beneficial for health. Yet, they do it in the right way: the moisture that creates in the groin can increase the jock itch risks, so they always wear moisture-wicking clothes.

Thirdly, they have only protected sex. It is a known fact that condoms can’t guarantee a full protection against all infections, but they always reduce risks of having them. Fourthly, they never share bedding, towels or clothing with others.

Causes of Eczema on Penis: What Are the Main Triggers?


The causes of eczema on the penis range from really simple to complex. Some of them are harmless, while others are really dangerous. In any case, proper treatment is required whatever the trigger is. It restores male’s reproductive organ health and assists in avoiding future outbreaks. Keep in mind that in some cases it is too hard to avoid the trigger. This is why some causes are referred as unavoidable ones.

So, here are the core eczema penis causes:

  • cleansing products: showering and bathing products are always in the list of core triggers. They all contain chemicals that irritate skin and lead to itching, redness and eczema occurrence. Buy only products that are approved by dermatologists. They contain less chemicals and are relatively safe;
  • latex: over the past years there has appeared a notion of a latex allergy. The main cause is the use of condoms. It doesn’t mean that you have to refuse from safe sex. It’s just you need to consult a professional and pick the right condom type and brand;
  • heat: too tight clothing makes the skin get warmer. When it doesn’t breathe properly, it becomes sore and itchy and then first signs of penile dermatitis occur;
  • clothing: both material and tightness of your underwear can be the core irritants. Chemicals and dyes in them add to problems as well;
  • sweat: this is the last cause in the list, yet it’s never the least one. A man is more prone to mild or severe irritation in case he has a physical job and exercises a lot.

It is really hard to avoid all of these possible triggers. Nevertheless, if you know about the causes of eczema on penis, you pay more attention to irritants and know how to avoid the basic ones.

What Are the Symptoms of Penile Eczema?

There are five common symptoms of penile dermatitis:

  1. pain;
  2. redness;
  3. blister on penis;
  4. scaly and dry skin;
  5. inflammation.

The issue starts with the rash. The skin is dry and scaly, has several bumps that are either ooze or bubble. In rare cases, the lesions and bumps are infected. If a male doesn’t scratch them, the infection is avoided. Eczema affects both the glands and the shaft. A man with a darker complexion has lighter redness. This all leads to a rather significant pain as well as discomfort, especially when a male doesn’t treat the condition and is trying to have sex.

Eczema on Penis: Professional and Self-Treatment

Eczema on Penis

Before you choose and apply any remedy, please remember that the affected area is always very sensitive. So, make sure that you use the remedies that aren’t harsh on the skin.

Natural Remedies

There are several working options that most sufferers turn to whenever an issue occurs. They are:

  • Aloe Vera: it can be used in different ways, internally and externally. Both options are helpful in managing eczema;
  • colloidal oatmeal: this is one of the best natural moisturizers that is also effective for itching relief;
  • cold compress: it’s an easy way out. You can wet a soft and clean fabric under a tap and apply it to the affected zone. A compress will cool the skin, eliminate itching and hotness;
  • oils: they contain healthy and beneficial nutrients that sooth most kinds of irritation and itching. They also reduce discomfort and condition worsening, restore a normal skin condition;
  • vitamins A, C, D and B5: when used along with certain amino acids or natural moisturizers, they improve the tone of the skin and its texture. They also reduce skin issue risks and boost the response of the immune system.

Professional Treatment Options

All the following meds are prescribed only by a doctor (view offers for treatment):

  • antihistamines: they are helpful for itching reduction when no home remedy helps. Antihistamines are especially effective at night;
  • emollients: these are used when they needed or can be used on a regular basis for a long-term treatment. They keep the skin moisturized and prevent the breakage of one’s skin and its further damage;
  • steroids: in cases of eczema on penis they are topical ones. Steroids reduce inflammation. They give the lowest strength of the treatment required. It is forbidden to take them without prescription as they can lead to side effects;
  • UV-light therapy: it is a rare choice. Some doctors advice it in really severe cases. However, the risks of burning are present as well, especially when the genital area skin is very thin and sensitive.

Self-Management Techniques

What can I do with eczema on my penis? When this question has come to your mind, you are to apply all efforts to avoid complications. Self-managing techniques are versatile. Yet, they are never effective when used alone, without a professional and home-remedy support. Here what we suggest to eliminate itching and redness on your own:

  • use latex-free condoms to avoid latex allergy. They are available in most chemists or supermarkets. As a variant, you can look for a different contraception method;
  • choose cotton underwear and change it regularly. Use less detergent while washing it;
  • avoid frequent shaving, using hair removal products and waxing too around the affected zone. If the skin is clear and healthy, use them when needed. But when used on the affected area they contribute to the worsening of the condition.

Can You Prevent Eczema on Penis?

When there’s eczema on penis head, one can hardly prevent it from spreading to the genitals. Yet there are several prevention tips for those, who have treated the condition or heard of it and want to prevent it appearance for good.

  • Moisturize

It must be done several times a day. When the skin is kept hydrated, there’s no peeling or flaking. Any discomfort and itching are eliminated. We suggest looking for various oils and creams without alcohol or fragrances that can add to irritation.

  • Never scratch

Rubbing as well as scratching the already irritated skin causes tears and increases risks of infections. Males should apply more moisturizers to the zone as well as cool compresses. Oral antihistamines are suggested in rare cases. The latter ones are prescribed by a professional. Taking them without prescription may cause health complications. If it is hard to prevent scratching, wear a pair of light goes when going to bed.

  • Breathable clothing

You need to wear it if you are prone to having eczemas. Choose fabrics that allow your skin to breathe property. They help in eliminating the first symptoms of the condition.

  • Bathe twice per week

Instead of taking hot and long showers that take off all skin’s natural oils, take showers in lukewarm water. Make sure that soap and shampoos are rinsed off and use a mild non-allergic cleanser. Vigorous rubbing must be avoided as well. Carful patting is the best option.

  • Avoid allergens

With time you will be able to identify creams, perfumes and lotions that cause allergic reactions. If you find it hard to cope with that, ask for a professional help. When skin doesn’t contact with allergens, it remains healthy and no eczema on penis is a threat.

  • Monitor your condition

When it is too cold or too hot, the outbreaks may appear again. It happens after intensive exercising and showering to wash the sweat away.

  • No stress

And finally, if you need to fight the condition badly, reduce your daily stress. Many males get really surprised when they find out that stress triggers outbreaks. Develop some stress coping strategies and you won’t experience frequent outbreaks.

Whatever the severity of your eczema on penis is, don’t leave the condition untreated. When neglecting the condition, you add to its worsening. Complication will require much effort, time and remedies to go for good. Pay special attention to any changes and inform your doctor of the discomfort that eczema brings with.