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Dry Skin on Penis: Potential Causes & Effective Treatment

The issue of dry skin on penis has always been a quite serious health condition as it develops rashes and leads to discomfort. If you have faced the problem, you know how unbearable it can be. In case you haven’t dealt with it yet, you are to be well-armed.

What Can Cause Dry Skin on Penis?

Dry Skin on Penis

There exist more than just two or three potential triggers. Causes are so diverse that figuring out which one you have is hard, if you have no professional support. We’ve decided to share some information on basic reasons why it may become a real issue.

  • Eczema

The skin can become scaly and/or red due to eczema on penis. Unfortunately, this health issue is a durable one and has a tendency to flare periodically. Among the factors that can lead to eczema doctors call environmental conditions, variation of genes and the dysfunction of one’s immune system.

How to know you have eczema? The condition is accompanied by itching that gets severer at night. There also appear brownish patches on different body parts: hands and feet, ankles and wrists, knees and elbows, upper chest, etc.

  • Allergies and irritation

Using latex condoms can cause dry skin and irritation on the penis. Most males are allergic to latex, but they are unaware that it may be the cause of an issue. Problems don’t occur at once: changes are gradual and the condition gets worse after every intercourse. When allergy and irritation is mild, lotions and creams may help. But when the first abnormalities are left neglected, professional assistance is needed.

  • Soaps

A real surprise for most males is that the soap they use may be the reason of dry skin on penis. The soap works stripping the protective oils of the penis (the sebum). The oils ensure an optimal condition of the skin, protect it and prevent from drying out. The regular use of different scented soaps will make skin drier than usually.

  • Detergents

These are the detergents that are similar to soap. They trigger identical results. The residue dries the skin removing the oils from the body.

  • Jock itch

It’s the fungal infection, which is regarded as one of the commonest provokers. It affects the groin area as well as the penis. A male experiences intense itching as well as pink/red rash over the genitals. Can you protect yourself from getting this sort of infection? Surely! You just have to know its triggers:

  1. Obesity;
  2. Allergens;
  3. Over-tight underwear;
  4. Sweating during and after gym sessions;
  5. Other bacterial/fungal infections.

The infection should be treated at hospital only.

  • Psoriasis

This is another skin condition that may lead to the health issue. Why do I have dry skin on my penis? It’s because of psoriasis that changes the life cycles of the skin cells. The disease is normally accompanied by a very fast growth of the skin cells. When extra cell layers appear in the penile area, the body starts forming silvery scales along with itchy or dry red-colored patches.

Unfortunately, the condition is regarded as one of the severest and long-lasting. However, the penile-area symptoms may improve quite quickly.

  • Cancer

Actually, it’s one of its types called penis cancer. How is it diagnosed? Along with dry skin in this area a male has blood coming from the tip of the penis, color changes, penis pain as well as irregular penis swelling or bumps beneath the foreskin.

Self-treatment is not the way out in this case. A doctor will prescribe certain medications or injections that will be helpful both in relieving the symptoms and treating the core triggers.

  • Balanoposthitis

You have probably not heard of the condition like this one. It’s the inflammation type that affects the foreskin in males (uncircumcised). Balanoposthitis can be either bacterial or fungal. In rare cases it occurs due to contact dermatitis.

When cracks are deep, they are associated with yeast infection – Candida Balanoposthitis. This infection is reviewed as sexually transmitted, yet not in all cases. Some oral antibiotics can trigger it in case they are used for a long period.

  • Sexual behavior

Do you know that rubbing the penis against clothing in the course of foreplay along with the absence of lubrication while masturbating can be the reasons of dry skin on penis? If these are the reasons, treating the outcome is easier: moisturize, choose loose fitted underwear and refuse from sex till things get back to norm.

  • Hot water

Don’t use too warm (hot) water while washing. It usually stings the skin and leads to moderate dryness. When the water is too hot, it burns the skin and leads to a very severe dryness.

Why Do You Have Dry Skin on Penis Head?

When the condition affects the head of the penis only, the reasons may be a bit different. In most cases strong soaps, lotions and detergents are the triggers. Such cases are easy to treat at home. All you need is to refuse from scented soaps that cause great problems.

However, the fact lotions and soaps are to be blamed in MOST cases doesn’t mean they are the ONLY causes. Other possible factors are:

  • Prostate diseases: in case they are chronic, the condition of the dry head goes along with a tingling and burning sensation and painful urination. In rare cases it is a secondary sign of urinary tract infections;
  • Fungal infection: it may occur without itch and pain. You may get it from your partner with fungal vaginitis. While some infections go away by proper treatments and good hygiene, others lead to more serious consequences. Whatever the case severity is, please have a professional consultation.

What Issues Are Associated with Dry Skin on Penis?

Though in books the condition of dry skin on penis is mostly associated with the dry skin only, in real life it goes along with many other complications.

The very first ones are bleeding and peeling. Why? The penile gland is a very delicate area. If the condition of dryness is untreated, it leads to peeling and bleeding that can no longer be kept in secret. Discomfort and pain are another two symptoms. Peeling leads to discomfort and bleeding is the cause of pain.

And finally, infections: the skin is a barrier that protects the penis from infections. When the barrier is damaged, bacteria affect it and start developing.

How to Treat Dry Skin on Penis?

In all cases the choice of the treatment depends on a trigger. Here what is suggested for different causes:

  • Allergy and irritation is treated with creams and soaps that contain moisturizers. It is suggested to wash the area with the lukewarm water only;
  • Psoriasis condition requires a permanent cure. There are some special options that ensure a fast relief. As to non-prescription remedies, creams may be helpful;
  • STDs are treated at hospital only. Before choosing the treatment option some tests must be performed. They confirm whether a male has some type of a sexually transmitted disease or a less serious condition;
  • Eczema has no cure. But don’t get depressed. There are so-called self-care methods that relieve symptoms and assist in preventing outbreaks. It is suggested to start with mild soaps as they can assist in avoiding various skin irritants.

What else can be helpful? The techniques that treat dry skin on penis are diverse. The thing is that each one can be effective for one male, yet a wrong choice for dozens of others. You can start with refusing from unprotected sex. Condoms are quite effective in protecting from STIs and STDs.

A fresh dressing must be changed regularly, when ulcers occur. Some specialists even suggest changing dressing twice daily. Pay attention to a balanced diet. Fried, raw and spicy foods must be substituted by fruit and vegetables, yoghurt and juice.

Never give way to corticosteroid creams as they can cause more complications than you already have. And finally, improve your penile hygiene: wash the penis daily. It is also recommended to pull back the foreskin as it’s needed for a thorough cleaning. Take care that the genital area of your partner is clean, too. Why is it so important? The thing is that it’s the breeding ground for many microbes. In case proper care isn’t taken, the skin of the penile area becomes slightly pink. In time it turns into dry red skin, which is the sign of severe complications.

Today there are many creams and natural oils that cure such problems. To be sure the remedy works, get it as a prescribed treatment option from your healthcare provider. It is forbidden to buy and use lotions and creams that are widely advertised, but aren’t approved by your healthcare provider. 2% of them are effective to some extent, yet dozens of others harm the condition greatly.

How to Avoid Dry Skin on Penis?

It is true that the condition of dry skin on penis can be effectively treated in most cases. Yet it doesn’t mean you can or should allow it to occur in you one day. There are several measures that may be followed regularly in order to stay away from dry skin in the penile area. Allergies, rash, pain, bleeding and discomfort can be prevented if you:

  • Choose loose underwear instead of a very tight one: it is more comfortable, allows moving with comfort and prevent the cloth or detergents to irritate the skin;
  • Wash regularly: poor self-hygiene is one of the main triggers. If you take care of yourself and your body, no bacteria will ever affect it;
  • Moisturize the area regularly: timely and sufficient moisturizing assists in avoiding regular dryness and complications that it brings with;
  • Avoid using hot water and harsh scented soaps: they surely don’t cause severe fungal infections, yet they make the skin peel more intensively, thus causing discomfort.

We want you to keep in mind that the penis is the most sensitive organ in the male’s body. The same refers to the skin around it. Dry skin on penis may be not as troublesome as we’ve mentioned above, YET it often becomes the first sign of a very serious health condition that must be addressed immediately. Timely treatment stands for less worries, a healthier life and absence of life-threatening conditions.

Don’t be afraid to have a professional consultation, when first complications occur. Check whether it’s a STD that was the cause. And remember that personal hygiene may be your key to a disease-free life.