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Coconut Oil for Lice: Effectiveness of Fast Treatment

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Head lice infestation is perhaps the most communicable condition that affects regardless of age and sex. And though it is widely spread among school children, it may occur in adults as well. A louse produces saliva that leads to irritability and tickling feeling, sores on the scalp and even sleeplessness. It is easy to understand why the infestation is to be treated immediately. Coconut oil for lice is one of the best treatment options. In fact, most natural oils are helpful in curing various health conditions and diseases. Thanks to amazing natural elements and compounds, the oil guards the skin and nerves of those, who happened to get lice on a scalp.

Coconut Oil for Lice: Discovery of Potentials

Coconut Oil for Head Lice Treatment

Studying the effects of natural oils on the human body in 2009, a group of scientists discovered the unbelievable superiority of coconut oil – a truly natural alternative to popular chemicals – for the treatment of lice and their eggs. The course and results of the trial were published in the European Journal of Pediatrics. 100 participants proved that a spray with coconut oil for head lice is much more effective than well-advertised shampoos. The spray led to success in 90% of cases due to the fatty content of the main ingredient: the oil persists on the hair and scalp washing up the lice and creating unfavorable conditions for those, who managed to grip on the hair.

Advantages and Effectiveness of Coconut Oil for Lice

No chemicals are ever needed for this type of home treatment. The oil is effective due to its multiple natural properties. The fatty content of the cure suffocates the lice and prevents them from maintaining on the follicles. The nature of the solution is lubricating, which means that it stops the small wingless parasitic insects from moving all over the scalp and reproducing.

Getting back to the amazing natural properties, it is essential to point out the following ones:

  • The fatty content smothers the insects. They can no longer remain between the hair follicles.
  • The lubricating property restricts any sort of free and fast movement as well as further reproduction.
  • When the coconut oil for lice is regularly applied on the scalp and hair, it does more than just controls the infestation. It also prevents the further reoccurrence of insects.
  • As the hair gets greasier, lice treat is as hostile and leave the unfriendly location.
  • Eventually, both the scalp and hair remain healthy from insects, dust, dandruff, and various toxic materials that may add to the development of serious health complications.

Coconut Oil for Head Lice Treatment

It is true that the correct use of this natural oil allows forgetting about harsh chemicals that are very effective, yet may cause allergies and even hair loss. However, the word correct is the key to success. Applying the solution and waiting for fast results to come is never the wise road to go. In reality, one must apply a bit more efforts to succeed.

There are several effective ways to use coconut oil for lice. The natural product may be used either alone or in a proportional combination with other effective natural products. Eventually, the scalp will be healed, hair – strengthened and repaired.

  • Coconut Oil

Heat a small amount of it to a room temperature. Take a comb, soak it into ½ of the solution and use to coat the scalp. Then take shampoo (toxic free) and scrub your head with it. It will allow the oil penetrate into the hair follicles. Then dry your hair with a towel and apply the rest of the product. Wrap your head and leave the oil on for 10-12 hours. Remove dead lice and their eggs with a comb. Repeat the procedure if needed.

  • + Garlic


Why garlic? It is known for its unbelievable antiseptic properties and a rather strong fragrance. So, it helps to kill the insects. When mixed with coconut oil, it shows amazing results. So, you are going to need 8 garlic cloves and 2 teaspoons of coconut oil (virgin). Stir the ingredients to make a paste and put it on your hair. Wait for half an hour and use your comb to get rid of lice. Use a shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair as usually.

  • + Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Mixing two natural oils is one of the most popular recipes. Why tea tree oil? It has insecticide properties. There are two possible variants of combining these natural solutions for one purpose.

#1. Mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil for lice with 3 tea tree oil drops. Mix the substances to coat the head. Cover the hair with a shower cap for 12 hours. Blow your hair with a hairdryer over the cap for 5 minutes. Apply shampoo, wash the locks and condition them. To ensure optimal results, repeat the procedure several times.

#2. Mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil for lice with 3 tea tree oil drops and 1 ounce of natural shampoo. After mixing all the ingredients, apply them to your locks under a shower cap and a towel for 35 minutes. Then wash your hair as usually.

  • + Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider VinegarThe main ingredient (2 teaspoons) may be effectively combined with apple cider vinegar (2-3 drops). The second product dissolves the glue with which the insects stick to the follicles. So, what should be done? Start with mixing them and then rubbing directly to hair. Massage the scalp gently and leave it for 10 minutes. Comb your hair then to get rid of lice and eggs. Repeat the procedure twice a week until all the insects are eliminated.

  • + Garlic, Lemon, Green Tea

Lemon, Green Tea

Take 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and the same amount of garlic juice, add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and green tea. The mixture is to be applied to the scalp and hair. Cover your head with a towel for half an hour and then comb your hair. Wash locks with shampoo and conditioner.

  • + Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil 1

The combination is lubricating in nature and prevents the movement and reproduction of lice. It is highly effective for healing the damaged scalp skin, too.

Start with mixing the ingredients in the ration of 5:1. Coat your locks with it and wait for an hour. Dead lice and their eggs are easy to remove by brushing your hair. Shampoo and condition your locks thoroughly.

The use of coconut oil for lice brings gradual effects. Amazing results must not be expected after the first application, yet they will be really impressive. Repeat the chosen procedure twice a week during a month to eliminate all the lice and prevent their reoccurrence.

Side Effects Provoked by Coconut Oil for Lice

It is a rare case when this natural oil leads to any adverse reactions when used from the outside. Nevertheless, they may happen. There are vivid cases of allergic reactions in some users. They may be either typically mild and appear in the forms of hives and skin sensitivity or become rather severe. Those users, who experienced severe anaphylactic reactions after applying coconut oil, have developed skin-threatening conditions during a regular application.

The chances that you will develop either moderate or minor allergies are high:

Before using any drop of the oil itself or any mixture with it as the main ingredient, test your possible body reaction: apply some virgin oil on your skin and wait for at least thirty minutes if a natural mask will remain on your hair and head for as long. If you are about to apply it for the nighttime, you should better visit a dermatologist for a full check.

Another recommendation while using coconut oil for lice is to avoid the use of harsh chemicals afterward. Especially in children, people with rather severe allergic reactions/comprised immune system, and pregnant women. And do not forget to get rid of both dead lice and nits when combing your hair. Otherwise, the insects will keep spreading, leading to rash, infections, and discomfort. The issue of reinfestation is widely-spread. A female louse lays around 150 eggs during a single life cycle. That means 3-5 eggs every day. You can cope with killing all the lice quite successfully, yet if the follow-up treatment is neglected within 2-3 weeks after the main course, you will have to deal with the same infestation all over again. Why so? Far not all eggs are eliminated after a single application.

If for any reason you have no coconut oil available at the moment, you may use the coconut milk as well. If you have the oil, make sure it is virgin. Cosmetic options are not suitable for this case as they have too many side compounds that do not eliminate the infestation and may provoke allergic reactions if applied too often.