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Coconut Oil for Dandruff: Fast Cure for Scalp Problems

What is one of the commonest scalp health issues? It is dandruff that affects people at any age and at any place. When the dead skin shreds from an infected, dry or too oily scalp, its layers itch and get too irritated. Along with irritation and itching, it brings much discomfort into an everyday life: a sufferer needs to mind what to wear and where to go. The restoration of moisture balance is the key to health, yet achieving the wanted result is too hard. Coconut oil for dandruff is a natural solution that really works during the treatment course. After applying it both to the scalp and hair, you prevent dandruff and cope with the dryness. How should it be used and what other benefits does the method guarantee? Let’s learn the secrets!

Effects and Secrets of Coconut Oil for Dandruff

Coconut Oil for DandruffTreatment of scurf with coconut oil is not new. It all started in ancient times when most scalp-related problems were treated with this natural oil. Which of its properties make coconut oil for dandruff an unquestionable remedy? Here are the key ones:

  • The remedy is antifungal in nature and after being applied it kills the fungus that leads to dry skin.
  • Healing properties guarantee a soothing effect to the scalp that is itchy and irritated. No continuous scratching after the treatment course.
  • It has many nutritious elements and is considered to be one of the best food types for scalp and hair.
  • The remedy is said to be a high-quality natural moisturizer that removes dryness.
  • It works as a perfect conditioner too, making the skin softer.

The oil contains several acid types (capric, lauric, and caprylic), thus it penetrates deep into the skill eliminating the causes of dry skin from the inside and preventing the cases of their reoccurrence. After a prolonged use, a healthy scalp fights with the infections and fungus on its own and ensures the health and strength of hair. Plus, the aroma is amazing! So, is coconut good for dandruff? It’s not simply good, it’s a perfect choice that never costs much. All you need is the oil and some free time for yourself.

Mind the Dosage of Coconut Oil for Dandruff

It always matters! There is a common myth that the more – the better. It doesn’t work when it comes to virgin oil. A bit is really good. In fact, coconut oil is much more beneficial when it is used in really small amounts. Why? When the amounts are great, the overcoated hair and skin don’t respond.

If you want to achieve success during the treatment course, rub a very small amount of the ingredient between your hands first and only then apply it to your locks and skin. It will solve the issue of scurf and make hair more shining.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Dandruff?

There are five main treatment options that include coconut oil. You may combine their use or choose two you like the most for regular application and scurf prevention.

  1. Massage

It is perhaps the easiest and most popular variant. The full name is the hot oil massage: hot oil ensures maximum penetration and the quickest results. Besides, this kind of procedure always stimulates the scalp and deprives of the built-up of any dirt. What do you need? Take 3 tablespoons of oil (less or more depending on the hair length), heat it on the stove, dig fingers into it and massage the scalp for 15 minutes to cover all the scalp parts. Then coat your locks with the oil that is left, wait for half an hour and wash the hair the way you usually do.

  1. Conditioning

Conditioning with coconut oil for dandruff is another widely-spread treatment approach. The procedure should be repeated once a week even after the scurf is eliminated. What for? This natural oil will treat both the skin and damaged/over-processed hair. Start with washing your hair with a regular shampoo but don’t condition it. Take a wide-toothed comb, section the locks, rub oil between palms, and apply into to the locks. Cover your hair with the remedy from scalp to the tips and then cover it with a shower cap. Use a towel to ensure a warm area and maximum penetration. Wait for 40 minutes before washing your hair the second time. Some people choose to leave the mixture on the head for the nighttime.

  1. + Rosemary Oil

A combination of natural oils always works for dandruff. Rosemary and coconut oil increase the microcirculation, guarantee fast healing, and eliminate the buildup. For many sufferers, it is one of the greatest solutions that work for inflammation and scalp irritation, too. To make a mixture you will need 3 tablespoons of the main ingredient and 5 drops of rosemary oil.

What to start with? Mix the ingredients. The mixture must be applied to the hair and scalp thoroughly. Put a shower cap on to cover your hair. Take a warm towel to cover the cap and wait for half an hour. Use shampoo afterward to wash the hair.

  1. + Lemon Juice

To restore the damaged scalp skin you should use lemon juice. It is acidic in nature and is perfect for those, who suffer from scurf. When combined with the oil, it leads to faster healing results. Take 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of natural oil. When the mentioned ingredients are well-mixed, apply them to the scalp and hair. The skin is to be massaged for 5 minutes. Leave the natural remedy on for 20 minutes and later on wash it off.

  1. + Jojoba Oil

It is said to be oil but in reality, it is a wax ester similar to sebum that the scalp produces. When applied, it always eliminated the excess buildup of sebum. It works for oily scalps mainly. However, when dandruff ruins your life, it is recommended to be combined with coconut oil for dandruff better treatment.

So, you will need 1 part of coconut oil and 1 part of jojoba oil. After the ingredients are mixed, apply them to your hair and scalp with hands. Spend 3-4 minutes massaging the scalp until the entire area is well-covered. Put a shower cap on and wrap a warm towel around. The mixture needs 30 minutes to work. Then wash your locks with a regular shampoo. No conditioner is needed.

Coconut Oil for Dandruff Is not for All Hair Types

The way your skin responds to the treatment depends on its type. The remedy mainly helps in retaining protein and works for those, who really lack it. Only certain hair types can benefit from an intensive therapy course. People with medium shiny hair see awesome results: locks get shinier, stronger, and regain their volume. Sufferers with dry and coarse hair types don’t struggle with low protein levels, thus, coconut oil for dandruff doesn’t bring any positive results and may even cause brittle locks and hair loss. Besides, those with allergic reactions to this natural product should never use it regardless of hair type. Repeated use may lead to severe complications.

Extra Precautions on the Use of Coconut Oil for Dandruff

  • Never use additional conditioners when you apply the oil on your scalp and locks because this natural product is a conditioner itself.
  • Don’t use the great amounts of homemade masks: when the hair is overwhelmed with them, all natural nutrients are overheated and lose their ability to work properly and penetrate deeply.
  • Don’t overheat the mask as all the nutrients will be lost.
  • Give way to virgin and organic coconut oil as these types are the best to deal with dandruff.
  • Never scratch the scalp when applying. If it’s scratched, it is irritated and the soreness is created.
  • Forget about anti-dandruff shampoos while choosing homemade remedies: the initial ones remove all natural oils from the skin.
  • Make sure the oil is included into your diet. This is the best way to treat the problem from inside, too.
  • To increase blood circulation, brush your locks regularly.

It is also essential to follow a healthy diet along with using coconut oil for dandruff. Avoiding everyday stress eliminates high chances for scurf reoccurrence. After rinsing your locks, make sure to dry them thoroughly in order not to let the fungus attack already damaged follicles. And finally, if nothing helps, consult your hair specialist: it is a recommendation for those with chronic dandruff that can’t be effectively relieved with coconut oil only.

While you still keep thinking if this option will ever work for you, the oil keeps saving scalp skin and hair follicles of those, who didn’t waste their time. Natural remedies are more effective than cosmetic ones. They work fast and leave no chances for reoccurrence. Why so? Nature knows better what your body really needs.