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Coconut Oil for Constipation Relief & Better Metabolism

Constipation is one of the health issues that everyone experiences either once in a while or regularly, yet never talks about it. Dealing with the condition is tough, especially when there are no effective remedies at hand. It is amazing that the cure is cheap and easy-to-find but patients keep looking for expensive and questionable pills and mixtures. Is coconut oil good for constipation? Definitely! It speeds up metabolism and cleans the human body off all the excess waste. Experts suggest using it not only when there is difficulty in emptying the bowels but also to prevent the complication. The oil is also said to increase the rate of metabolism allowing the body system to break down any food effectively and faster. It starts working right in the mouth repairing and strengthening the digestive system. Keep reading to learn about the benefits to expect and the way to use the natural solution safely.

Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil for Constipation

Virgin Coconut OilOne may call dozens of reasons why people suffer from constipation. The core one is a poor diet, of course. It’s the one with the great amounts of processed and fast food, sweets and meats, the absence of fresh vegetables and fruits. There are also medications that lead to the same condition as well as pills that relieve it. Nevertheless, natural remedies remain top popular and coconut oil for constipation is one of them. How does it provide relief?

  • It is fibrous which means that it cleans the colon in the most effective way.
  • It increases metabolism rate and lets the system break down any food effectively and faster.
  • Leading to increased bowel movement it also assists in weight reduction.
  • Being antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral natural oil, it boosts the immune system and gives the necessary tool for fighting against diseases, bacteria, and infections.

The solution is unbelievably safe, yet you mustn’t overuse it.

What’s the Perfect Dosage of Coconut Oil for Constipation?

Experts suggest introducing a very small amount of the coconut oil for constipation to the everyday meal to find relief from severe constipation. It is enough to add ½ a tablespoon to lunch and dinner. It is an optimal variant for a beginner. If no adverse reactions are observed and the effect is achieved, you may add a full tablespoon of it to your daily meal regularly. Don’t add a large amount of it as it may lead to complications rather than improvements.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Constipation Relief?

ConstipationThere are several various ways to inject the oil:

  • Add it to your favorite smoothie (1 teaspoon).
  • Eat ½ teaspoon of it directly twice every day in the morning and in the evening.
  • Add ½ teaspoon of it to a glass of warm water to drink it twice every day in the morning and in the evening.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of it to a bowl of oatmeal that is rich in fiber and is very helpful for constipation sufferers as well.

Do not follow all these options at once. It is suggested to start with ½ teaspoon once a day to check how the body systems react to the oil. Follow the same routine for a week and only then increase a dose if some improvements are needed. If you overdo with coconut oil for constipation, you will probably suffer from complications.

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Keep in mind that the solution remains helpful only in case you take organic virgin oil. Refined ones are deprived of the greater part of their nutrients during the refining process. You should better also avoid taking processed foods, fatty meats, and much sugar while getting rid of constipation with coconut oil. Why so? The thing is that such foods always contribute to difficulties in emptying the bowels. Try more water, vegetables, and fruits instead. They will definitely improve the health of your digestive system.

You can also enjoy the oil every day. Some people choose to cook with coconut oil instead of the vegetable one. Others use it instead of butter: take the hardened product and just spread it on a roll, muffin or bread. Some take a spoonful of it and let it melt in the mouth like a candy. Of course, far not all people like the taste, yet most find it great. If you are a coffee drinker, add ½ teaspoon into your cup to add to a perfect flavor. Dress up vegetable salads and add to your oatmeal, too.

Side Effects of Coconut Oil for Constipation

You may have heard of those, who didn’t improve their condition with the coconut oil and had to deal with the side effects after its use. They are the victims of false recipes and overuse. Too much is never good when it comes to coconut oil for constipation. When over 2 tablespoons of this natural oil are taken during a day, get ready to suffer from:

  • Acne

The breakout of acne is possible after you overtake the oil. And even though this solution is often recommended for coping with acne, the effect may be quite the opposite. What’s the reason? Here it is: this natural treatment option is unbelievably powerful. It purges out the toxin layers from underneath your skin, acne may get even worse. Yet after the healing crisis, the skin will get better than before.

Unfortunately, some people have to deal with the terrible breakouts for weeks not days. It means they have too much toxin and they have to address and expert.

  • Raised Levels of Bad Cholesterol

Cholesterol is not always bad, as you know. The good type is welcomed and the bad one leads to complications and serious health problems. Coconut oil for constipation is overloaded with the so-called saturated fat. The latter one appears as a chain of triglycerides created by the fatty acids. If you take the solution regularly and keep increasing the dosage, the product raises the LDL (low-density lipoprotein level) or bad cholesterol, in other words. No need to say what a negative impact it has on the health of a human body.

  • High Blood Pressure

In many people, an excessive use of this natural oil leads to hypertension, high blood pressure. Again, as it is full of saturated fats, it triggers the accumulation of fatty acids in the arteries. Sooner or later, these deposits narrow the arteries and cause blockages. If you are a high blood pressure suffer, you should better avoid regular intakes of coconut oil and look for other options for constipation treatment.

  • Heart Diseases

As the blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels are high, cardiac diseases are inevitable. It is common for people with a genetic predisposition or a history of heart attacks and strokes. A normal blood flow is impossible due to the narrowed vessels. The flow is sluggish and the risks of clots are getting higher. When a single clog appears in the artery of the heart, a person has a stroke or a heart attack and may die. Being aware of the problems you may have, mind your amount of coconut oil for constipation.

  • Increased Body Weight

Fat, fat, fat… There’s much of it in this product for difficulties in emptying the bowels. If you are trying to lose weight and intake the oil, don’t wonder why pounds are gained instead of being lost. Your daily ration should include the smallest quantity of the solution. If the doses are high, you will gain pounds within several days and will suffer from additional health complications.

No coconut oil for constipation, other home remedies or well-advertised pills will ever help you if you are under stress all the time. It is a proven fact that emotional stress doesn’t only provoke constipation but also can make it become worse. What does it mean? If you have constipation due to your diet and start worrying about the condition instead of treating it OR while treating it, don’t expect to find relief soon. When a person is worried and stressed, his/her body needs more blood. It takes it from the digestive tract to send to hard-working muscles. Constant stress makes the parasympathetic nervous system less effective, thus there’s no necessary control of the intestinal peristalsis (the movement that pushes the parts of food through the digestive tract due to the contractions and rhythmic waves of muscles).

Why is this natural remedy suggested more than other home treatment options? It is true that there are many other homemade solutions that might be pretty helpful, yet for a time and far not for everyone. The reason is quite clear: it is effective and cheap. The only thing to keep in mind is that, as any other remedy, it has two sides (positive and negative). Mind the dosage not to let the second one have the upper hand.