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Coconut Oil for Anal Fissures Works Better Than Any Chemical Prescribed

Anal Fissures

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What does the term ‘anal fissures’ mean? They are the tears in the anus that can be of any size. They can hardly be left unnoticed. It all starts with a few drops of blood on a toilet paper after a bowel movement that was too uncomfortable and even painful. Once in a while, we all experience the condition. And the main problem is that we never know how to act. When left neglected, the condition soon leads to stinging and burning. People suffer from sharp pain when going to the toilet. The latter one, FYI, lasts from several minutes to hours and can become really severe when accompanied by muscle spasms. It is true that in most cases these tears heal on their own within days. Yet, if they remain for weeks, you need to find a proper treatment option.

Coconut oil for anal fissures is usually the best answer to the question how to treat the tears. This natural oil is beneficial due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They make it a great way to soothe the pain (from the inside and outside). In addition, it is able to speed the healing process and allow the intestines work the right way. In most cases, the solution should be applied to the area several times within a single day. Afterward, the swelling and pain go down. If the oil is injected, it also kills all dangerous bacteria that could penetrate via a tear preventing digestive issues, constipation, and indigestion. All these characteristics make coconut oil an integral part of the fight with anal fissures.

General Properties of Coconut Oil for Anal Fissures


So, what are the characteristics that make this natural solution so beneficial for anal tears? There is more than one, of course. Here are the main points that most experts agree on:

  • Special chemical composition: fatty acids take 94% of the content of the oil. Among them medium chain fatty acids take up to 64%.
  • Vitamin E is perfect for a smooth skin without cracks and tears that can be painful.
  • Amount of moisture in coconut oil varies depending on the source (fresh or copra coconut), the extraction method, and the further processing. When the oil is delivered from well-dried copra, its moisture amount will be minimal when compared to the amount from fresh coconuts (virgin oil). Besides, the oil that is subjected to heat has less moisture than the one that isn’t.
  • Extra suspensions: suspension of organic particles like protein and others are found in crude coconut oil. They are rare for refined products.
  • Antioxidant properties: they come from saturated fats like caprylic acid, capric acid, myristic acid, and caproic acid.
  • Antimicrobial properties: all the above-mentioned acids convert themselves into anti-fungal and antimicrobial agents (monolaurin and monocaprin). They act protecting the skin internally and externally from tears, itching, and dermatitis.

Vitamins, fatty acids, moisture as well as many other nutrients vary depending on the coconut quality, heat presence, extraction methods, pre- and post-processing, which is why you need to read the label and learn details before you actually buy coconut oil for anal fissures.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Anal Fissures?

Coconut Oil

Let’s face it, most people use soap to wash the anal area regularly. Most soaps lead to dryness of the anal canal, thus the skin there is much more vulnerable to tears. Anal fissures become a common condition. Some experience a light discomfort, while others suffer from a terrible pain. In any case, a proper treatment is required.

If you need to avoid the dryness of the area by any means and are aiming at reducing the risk of fissures, it is high time to think of a quality and safe moisturizer that can be regularly used. Coconut oil is the best natural option. It is used as an excellent moisturizer for any body’s linings. However, it is more than a moisturizer: it also possesses multiple healing properties that work for wounds and fissures of the anal area. Since ancient times it has been used by people from African tribes to treat sores and lesions. Now citizens of all world countries choose it for their needs.

It is suggested to apply coconut oil for anal fissures directly to the anal sphincter. The procedure should be repeated 2-3 times daily or even more when the conditions are chronic. In addition to the fast healing of tears it will also prevent their possible reoccurrence. If digestion issues and constipation are the reasons of the condition, the oil should be added to the diet.

These days, doctors prescribe steroid ointments like triamcinolone for the condition, yet they rarely work. With coconut oil pain and itching go away pretty soon and it can be reapplied as many times as needed. No need to wake up during the night and look for a treatment option: coconut oil guarantees a durable effect.

Natural Options That Help Coconut Oil for Anal Fissures

Applying coconut oil is the right way to go, yet you should make the therapy broader and use other options as well. Here are some additional ways to go aside from applying the oil:

  • Refuse from using the soap for THE area. The anus should better be cleaned and washed with warm water without any soap or other popular care products. When any soap is used on a regular basis, it dries the area and makes it predisposed to tears and wounds.
  • Take a warm bath every day. It relaxes the internal anal sphincter and ensures a better flow of blood to the area. Showering is great, yet it doesn’t ensure the same effect. Relaxing in a warm bathtub is great both for the body and your mood.
  • Use other oils in case you are allergic to this one. Allergies to coconuts are rare, yet they happen. To avoid itching, soreness, and redness choose tea tree oil or shea essential oil. The effects won’t be as speedy, yet they will appear. And don’t be afraid to apply it to your anal and/or sphincter more than once a day. Do it throughout the day and before going to bed.
  • Work on more comfortable bowel movements. How could this be done? Eat less meat and junk food. Add more fruits and vegetables to your daily ration instead. Look for special exercises that are daily repeated by those, who have constipation and related bowel movement issues.

Coconut oil for anal fissures works in most cases. If it doesn’t manage to help you with your problems, address an expert for advice. Yet it doesn’t mean you need to stop applying the remedy. Maybe in your case, it just needs more time to provide effects.